Thursday, July 31, 2008


The Rookie Cookie has written about her love of the black: the licorice that everyone else leaves behind. This is a conversation we've had a couple times. I love the stuff. Dark and delicious. I feel as if I should eat my black licorice with watercress sandwiches and wearing lacy gloves, for I am so sophisticated. So posh. So elite.

I may not be mature in my favorite ice cream flavor (like Ethan, it's bubblegum) but when it comes to candy, my tastes are grown up. I don't toss the black jelly beans or dig for the red Red Vines. No, not me. Waste not. Want not.

I eat like an adult. Which is appropriate, because I find myself cleaning my house like an adult, paying bills like an adult, going to work like an adult, worrying about my weight like an adult, worrying about my dog's weight like an adult, walking my dog like an adult . . .

It appears that a mature love of black licorice is the only nifty adult-like thing.

Okay, so I don't so much mind the responsible dog-walking part.

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Just Sue said...

It does take a person with the ability to discriminate one licorice flavor from another...I love black licorice and am the one to pick it out of the treats left in our staff room from time to time. I'm the ONLY one! Yeah!