Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Will someone please explain to me Red Velvet Cake?

I've never preferred it. (Which isn't to say that if a piece lands on my plate I don't eat the whole thing; What the heck is wrong with me?) I think the red makes the flavor funny. Or I look at the cake before my first bite and think, That color isn't actually found in nature. This stuff looks to have a radioactive quality to it, and my taste buds become tainted.

Red Velvet Cake.

I don't understand.

I read a Chocolate Cake recipe and then I read a Red Velvet Cake recipe. They required the same amount of cocoa. The only significant difference I saw was the bottle and a half of red food coloring the latter used.

So really, is Red Velvet cake just a cream-cheese frosted chocolate cake incognito?

And if so, why does it need the vermilion disguise?


cat+tadd=sam said...

Red Velvet Armadillo cake. Yum.

Mal Robin said...

Excellent point. Trying to fool us...I dont like it.

whitneyingram said...

I don't understand the draw either. And I can explain the taste, because I am a nerd. The reason it tastes funny is because the high levels of alcohol in food coloring. To make a truly perfect red velvet without the nasty aftertaste, you have to use a highly concentrated food coloring, like a paste.

So there you go. I am a psycho.

Ashley Thalman said...

i hate it. a girlfriend made it and i pretended to be excited. i suck, but so does red velvet cake. it reminds me of murder, it reminds me of blood. maybe it would be cool to have it at a murder mystery night...

Jaime Stephens said...

I never understood it either glad I am not alone.

Haley said...

Alright Meg...you most certainly can come see our lil place! We would absolutely love it! You can come over Friday or Saturday. I don't have work at all on Saturday. And you most absolutely may NOT have a framed picture. Sorry. And Sophie better keep her bodily fluids in her tiny body when she comes over. But I do want to see her; she is a cute little beast.

rabidrunner said...

It goes well with strawberry ice cream (with all those matching hues 'n all). Other than that, it's completely useless.

From one cynic to another, here's another one: