Monday, June 23, 2008

Q & A

I thought you might ask that.

My response: Nope.

I was holding wrapped-just-like-a-football Van for the first time and his dad asked me, So do you want one now?


I sure do like my sister's kids. Love 'em, even. But this is still not the time for mine.

And for the record (which I'm sure you're all diligently keeping), Whit said that wasn't her purpose in inviting me. She just rocks.

(Confused? Reference a previous out-of-town experience.)


Andrea said...

You need to wait until you are ready. But, there are so many people that will also say that you can never really be ready. Follow your heart and it can't steer you wrong. :)

Just Sue said...

My goodness! Look at the wisdom of the Andrea! And if I had waited until I was ready...I would still be waiting. Soo glad I didn't! But...we are all different. I love the principle of AGENCY!

cat+tadd=sam said...

Yeah I wondered the same thing about you. Glad to know you're still the sissy I know and love.

Sue said...

Where did I go wrong?