Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Was Meri right or was she right, folks? (See comment on lemon praise below.)

Few things on this blue and green rock of ours top a terrific slice of Key Lime Pie. (Okay, any slice of Key Lime, as I've yet to taste a nasty one. The more tart, the better.)

And though I love lemon in an unrighteous way, Key Lime Pie surely tops any slice of Lemon Meringue, Lemon Pound Cake, or Lemon Lemon Bar.

In fact, if Key Lime Pie is on the dessert menu and I've vowed ahead of time to forgo dessert, the vow is short lived.

I've been known to eat that pastel pleasure twice in a day, at two difference restaurants. For at one of my out-of-town work meetings, we found ourselves out to lunch, and there it was on the dessert menu, and then out to dinner later, there is was again. I had no choice.

Favorite dessert, by far. And thank you, Meri, for the reminder.

(Photos stolen the Internet wide.)


Just Sue said...

The very BEST key lime I've had is at Crush 29...when you come again, we will go just to have the pie. What do ya think?

Megan said...

YES! I'm looking forward to it!

Janeen said...

if i could lick the screen i would!

Megan said...

Janeen, you certainly CAN lick the screen. Just please have Chad snap a photo or something.