Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Me, I sleep fine without my husband.

I'm one of those independent wifes. I love my other half. A whole hell of a lot. But my contentment and relaxation is not dependent on him. I'm proud of that.

When it's sleep time, no mooning, moaning or sleeplessness when said sweetie is absent.

More like sweet slumber. No breathing to keep me awake (not loud breathing, just regular breathing; it interrupts my sleep pattern). No snoring to make me think murderous thoughts. No feet creeping over to my sacred side of the bed. I sleep just fine all by my lonesome.

I sleep less fine when my mate stays up all night banging around in his office (adjacent to our boudoir). That happens and our teeny beast can't decide whether or not she wants to sleep with me or go hang out where all the raucous excitement is. Thus she spends the whole night going back and forth, delicately scratching on the bedroom door when she wants to go out and ever so delicately scratching when she wants back in.

And who, do you suppose, gentle reader, is the idiot that gets up every half hour to let her in or out?

Oui. C'est moi: l'idiot.

Why? you may wonder.

Answer: Simply because her little scratches on the door drive me right out of my light-sleeping mind.

Last night was one of those.

Good grief, am I tired.

And stupid.


Jaime Stephens said...

haha your dog sounds like my kid..

Misti said...

Sounds like my cats. And the dog we're dogsitting. Just shakes his collar and I'm awake.
misti @