Thursday, June 19, 2008


2 bags Almond Joy minis
40 mini espresso truffle bars
2 bags Mounds minis
39 packs of Orbit Bubblemint gum
5 bags Ghirardelli dark chocolate raspberry squares
2 bags tropical Starbursts
2 bags Hershey's truffles
40 Harry and David dark chocolate truffles
2 bags white chocolate mini Reese's cups
2 bags York peppermint patties
4 bags milk chocolate Lindt truffles
5 bags Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares

Looks like someone has a sweet tooth, says the man purchasing athletic socks and Clean and Clear oil wipes. He winks as well.

I smile at him. I'm amiable.

The young mother in front of me pays for her diapers, Tostitios chips and strange purple drink that her toddler son has no business consuming.

The checker begins scanning my sugary goods. The young mother lingers. Returning her credit card to her wallet, she glances at the conveyor belt.

Having a party? she asks, flashing her white, toothy smile.

I make eye contact and knit my eyebrows in confusion. Uh, no. I'm gonna to eat it.

Her face flashes disbelief. To her credit, she rapidly erases that disbelief, replacing it with that same pretty smile, Oh . . . oh. How nice.

I mimic her smile. Yes. I love candy.

She gathers her purchases and kid in stroller and quickly heads for the door, feeling quite awkward. (I could tell.)

Apparently the checker hadn't overheard our conversation. Having a party? she asks.

Not really, I say. It's all for work.


Andrea said...

LIAR! You must be making a trip to my house!

Totally funny, I went to Raleys the other day and bought a ton of candy as well and when asked if it was for my office...I said "sure, it's for my office, but I'm keeping it at my desk and I'm the only one welcome to it." Talk about strange looks!

Sue said...

You are MEAN! But at least you gave that mom something to talk about.

whitneyingram said...

The first word that came to mind after reading this: MAGICAL.

Janeen said...

that is what my purchase's look like when I go grocery shopping, yes their are a bit of veggies and fruit, but one should always have something sweet after every meal! I got that from my mom.

Megan and Keli'i said... are the "Fru-its of the De-vil."-So I Married An Axe Murderer.

Oh, Red-Haired Megan, you are too cool.

cat+tadd=sam said...

Love it. You are hilar.