Monday, April 28, 2008


Someone did this to their car today.

Someone is fine.

Someone said quite a few prayers of thanks for the freeway being nearly empty right at that moment.

Someone didn’t hurt anyone else. (Unless you consider the damage done to a red Explorer.)

Someone is an idiot.


Just Sue said...

Have I ever seen this dumb bunny's car before? Did this happen because of earthquakes? If so, it is a freak of nature, not really an accident!

aLiCe said...

I like the name you gave me - alouicious. It is now my new name.

I still think Caitlyn is more bizarre than I..

Andrea said...

Ouch! Great job!

Ashley Thalman said...

so glad to hear that said someone is alright. also glad to know that the culprit is one gal who i am so glad missed me like i missed her. thank for providing such fun reads upon my return. can't wait to see you soon...