Friday, February 8, 2008


In response to Mom's prompting:

If you could roll around in a tub of something, what would it be? Money that's mine. Think Scrooge McDuck's vault.

Perfect date? Of course that answer depends on my multi-colored mood, but right now I'd say The Husband's and my first anniversary was a perfect date. It was simple, nothing terribly special, just dinner at Macaroni Grill and shopping, but we spent all of dinner charting out our life in crayons on the table cloth and really enjoying one another's company. It's why I married him.

Best vacation memory? I think that at least one of my sisters will agree with me on this one: our Washington/Victoria, B.C. trip. Lora planned everything out perfectly, and I know Whit and I want to take our husbands on the exact same adventure as adults.

I want to visit: Naturally doing Europe again, this time older and with my husband, is high on my list; I don't remember much of my first trip as it was 10 years ago. This trip most certainly needs to include Ireland and Rome. I also really want to visit the History of Contraception Museum in Canada.

Best year in school and why? Two years really: college. The time I spent in Hawaii doing my bachelor's was incredible. Not because it was in Hawaii, but because it was the most successful time of my life. As you know, I still feel immense pride in the success I achieved there. It's pathetic, I realize, but it's all I've got right now!

What is something you want others to know about you and try to remember? I'm not actually as mean as I come off; it's a defense mechanism.

"I would be less fretful about the concept of eternity if I wasn't a member of the Church."

"I regret so many unkind things I've said to my husband in anger."

"I'm glad I have five sisters and parents who love each other."

"In ten years I hope I have my Master's and be knee-deep in my PhD or another Master's."

"The best thing about my life is that a good portion of today's mistakes can be fixed tomorrow."

"I want to change the way my clothes fit."

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Buffy Bandley said...

Megan- I love the Scrooge McDuck! Christian and I recently bought Duck Tales Season 1 DVDs. It takes me back to when I was a little more awkward when I am pretty sure that I wore high wasted jeans. I love reading your blog. I giggle at your wittiness and sarcastic humor.