Thursday, November 15, 2007


A Attached or single? Singled out and attached, attached, attached.
B Best friend? I have five: Whit, Cat, Hay, Mal, and Lo.

C Cake or pie? Pie. Key Lime and Chocolate Satin.
D Day of choice? Saturday; it often includes visits with my family—sisters, cousins, aunts, a G’Ma, etc.
E Essential item? My flat iron.
F Favorite color? Greens to wear and browns in my house.
G Gummi bears or gummi worms? I like them both, but I’ll go with worms because The Husband’s partial to them.
H Hometown? Provo, Utah, but my parents aren’t there any more (found the cow pastures of Payson more appealing), and I’ve not lived there for seven years.
I Favorite indulgence? The fabulously clich├ęd chocolate. And candy corns.
J January or July? January in Las Vegas. July in Reno.
K Kids? No, thank you.
L Life is incomplete without? My Sophie—you’d think I’d say Spouse, but he’s a given—we’re one (but we’re not the same); together we love that little dog more than I can put into words.

M Marriage date? September 24, 2002 (or is it the 22nd, sweetheart?).
N Number of brothers and sisters? Five younger sisters—not little sisters though, they’ve all passed me in height. Oh, and a brother Gus, the dog, uncle to Soph.

O Oranges or apples? Apples—in a pie.
P Phobias or fears? Being fat.
Q Quote? “Quid pro quo. Yes or no? [pause] Yes or no, Clarice?” The quid pro quo portion is over our mantle downstairs.
R Reason to smile? When Sophie is leaping over our puffy bedclothes I can’t help but giggle; she looks like a miniature rabbit without the long ears.
S Season of choice? Spring (it’s the only season that contains my birthday).
T Tag three friends: Three? I can do three (I couldn’t do seven): Ma, Cat, and Mal-roy.
U Unknown fact about me? Wish there was—I’m a wide-open book. (Could have to do with my perpetually wide open mouth.)
V Vegetable? Mushrooms. Are they still a vegetable even though they’re fungi? If not mushrooms, then how about onions? They’re so versatile. Don’t fret; I don’t make ravenous consumption of them a public habit—I have a particular sense of smell and wouldn’t subject my people to eau to onion.
W Worst habit? Eating too much too often.
X X-Ray or ultrasound? X-Ray—easier to read.
Y Your favorite food? Today? Let’s go with mushrooms—stuffed.
Z Zodiac sign? Taurus—the relevance of which is unknown to me.

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