Tuesday, October 9, 2007


After a repetitive encounter with her palm for Gus' display of teeth and accompanying growl at grandson Jack when the latter poked the former in the face with a golf club grip (apparently toddler trumps pooch in the game of life), Mom caught and comforted Gus-Gus. Should there be kind human contact available, Soph will simply not be left out. Coddling and consoling the canines, Mother Sue resembled Mother Earth.

Where ma will go, the kids often follow—we did, and a wrestling match ensued.


Though distinctly out of his weight class, Whacko tossed out traditional rules and challenged Aunt Megan to a freestyle feud.

Who will take home the title?

Action! Referee Haley lets the match begin. Whacko executes his signature starting move—the Run Into Your Opponent Full Speed In Hopes Of Knocking Them Over and body locks his aunt.

Discovering a move that seems to overcome Aunt Meg, Whacko grips the aunt’s prominent jaw. Why doesn't Haley call a foul, or whatever an official calls in a wrestling match?

Gentle nips at his paw fail to induce a release.

Resorting to the only move she’s sure will surprise her opponent, Megan strikes an offensive posture.

Scared into submission and fleeing the mat, Whacko was declared the loser of this titanic battle. Auntie takes this title. Whacko will most certainly call for a rematch.


M to the E to the R to the I said...

Good thing you kicked his trash. Although that jaw move was pretty impressive. Hey, do you remember when we skipped class and went fake baking together? That was a good time. I think I owe you $4 still. I swear.

Megan said...

You're so funny! I've got my doubts about the $4! Me skip class? I simply would never! And fake bake? Oh, I'd never do that either . . . Never, never. What a terrific memory you have; mine's defunct. I'm glad I have cool people to supply my brain with the memories it chose to toss out (like all of them, really).

Sue said...

Nice to see that my oldest daughter is such a liar.