Friday, January 1, 2016


I rarely know what day of the week it is. Since quitting my drug career I haven’t really had to know. I look at my calendar in the morning to see if I’m teaching, but other than that, my knowledge of what date it is barely extends to the current month.

Therefore learning that not only is this the first day of a new month but in fact the first day of a new year was unexpected. (Well, actually not much is expected. I have the immense privilege of floating through my days taking yoga, taking pole, teaching some, making out with a hot piece of ass, and eating lots of feta.)

But I did the significant day proper. I took Bikram this morning, went to Star Wars in 3D with Ben and Jim, and then picked up my two yoga teacher pals for a vinyasa class this evening. In class I laughed hard enough to fall out of postures. Then there was cake. And all day diet soda.

If I do that thing that all the people everywhere are doing and take stock of 2015 it’s clear that I done the whole durn year proper too—
  • I graduated from yoga teacher training.
  • I stopped selling drugs.
  • I discovered that it is possible to be sexually attracted to a car.
  • I started seriously working on my French.
  • I took up pole and got a pole in my house!
  • We got lost in Venice.
  • We lazed in Hawaii.
  • We partied at the Playboy Mansion.
  • I rattled around The Big Easy with my two besties.
  • I celebrated my first year of marriage to the best man I know.
  • I saw all five of my sisters at once.
  • I met a good looking newborn.
  • We got a Katelynn Hansen quilt.
And those are just the standout things. The everyday things add up to notable too. I enjoy Jim’s kids. I live to love that man. I get to text with my mom and my sisters most every day. My dogs are annoying but healthy. Jim’s company is thriving. While my eyesight sucks I have contacts and glasses for correct it. Netflix has The West Wing on demand. My body is sore and bruised and calloused from constant activity. My drawers and closet are full of clothes and shoes I like. Amazon exists. My knees hurt less. My bed is comfortable. My husband adores me.

Not only do I not know what 2016 has in store, I don’t know what day of the week it is tomorrow. But I do know that with Jim as my person the year and every next day will be entertaining and abundant. Aw, shit, I just used that word—abundant. I'm gonna go gouge out my own eyes now.

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