Monday, April 20, 2015


• Sometimes I play messenger at home. The other night I told Josie, “Hey, public service announcement: if you don’t get on top of your laundry your dad is gonna lose his shit.”

• Apparently my hair color has been hiding my dosha. Last Tuesday a student said that since he can now see my roots it all makes more sense—my dark hair was misleading, and now that he can tell that my hair is actually lighter and more consistent with my complexion it's evident that I’m a Vata. (Prayer hands and a bow if that made sense to you.) My actual concern here: you are examining my roots? Wednesday’s hair appointment couldn’t have been more welcome. Evidently it’s time to schedule them even closer together.

• I got a food dehydrator that hasn’t stopped humming since I took it out of the box. Kale, apples, potatoes, pineapple, and bananas over the weekend. Next up, mushrooms and tomatoes. I’m a dehydration pro in the hot yoga room and will be in the kitchen too.

• Dustin’s greeting to me lately: “How’s retirement?” Lotta yoga. I “retired” a week ago. I took class and taught Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. So retirement looks an awful lot like pre-retirement just without a day job that was, quite honestly, making me miserable. Now I have a flexible schedule. Get it? Flexible? Yoga? Oh forget it.

I legally changed my name to Romo-Elliker. Megan Romo-Elliker. Up until now my hyphenation has been informal. But it’s official. (Fish fish, Tanya.)

• Benjamin’s sweats were getting short so Jim dropped in at Old Navy and snapped up a few more pair. Problem is, he got Mediums and those were the size of the ones that are too short. So I exchanged ‘em for Large. Ben tried on the new sweats and they were way too big. “Medium is too small,” I said, “And Large is too large.” “Too bad there’s not an Extra Medium,” he replied.

• Vanilla almond butter.

• When talking with a friend about how she plans to one day live off the grid, to give up internet and phones, my immediate response was, “But how will you go online to order your life from Amazon?”

• The other night I was chatting with a fellow Juice Boxer and he asked after Jim. “Where’s that adoring husband of yours?” I told him that Jim works out every weekday at 5AM so I don’t expect him to come to late classes. “He loves you,” he told me. “I know,” I replied. “I can tell when he looks at you. I saw you look at him and him look at you and I thought, ‘That man has a twinkle in his eye!’ You guys look so in love.” Aw. We are. It makes people nauseous.

• Last week I met the fluffiest Bernese Mountain Dog in America. Her name is Maya and she is as big as me.

• My Lola sister came in for the weekend and left yesterday. She was here to hang. We dehydrated things. She took my vinyasa class. (Which I totally crushed, by the way. Afterward a student told me that because of my enthusiasm he tries things that he otherwise wouldn't and he's loving it.) She, Jim, and Dustin went to the GSR and played poker. She came with us to Ichibahn to celebrate Dustin and Nathaniel’s birthdays. She helped me transfer all the stuff out of my soon-to-be-gone work car into our other car. It was relaxing yet productive and completely delightful.

• Convenient how Jim already had a car for me. Forward thinker that he is, he got the thing last year with this very scenario in mind. Wife may quit job. Will then need own car. This car can be that. He’ll drive his truck and I’ll take the little car. Done and done.

• I've got some kind of yoga-clothes disconnect going on in my brain. On Thursday I forgot to put something to wear in my yoga bag, so I used the back-up clothes that I keep in my car. On Friday I forgot my yoga bag altogether and I hadn't replaced my back ups so I borrowed clothes. And yesterday after class I was nearly home when I got a text telling me that I left the bag of my sweaty shorts and top in the dressing room. I wonder what fun apparel screw up awaits me today.

• I wrote “mushroom fluff” instead of “marshmallow fluff” on my grocery list. My subconscious wants me to make nasty smores.

• Some evenings I ask Jim, “Do know what happens tomorrow?” “What?” “Breakfast!” I rise to eat.

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