Friday, June 20, 2014


As my little team was doing the last minute pre-ceremony decor, etc., Whit spied an outdoor couch we'd moved from the deck to make room for mingling. She and Ash decided it oughta be used and they moved it onto the grass. It became the impromptu photo booth. 

My pretty, pretty sisters-in-law and mother-in law. L-R: Linda, Janet, Gay, Laura, and DiAnn:

This next photo may be my favorite of them all. Jim loves his sisters like I love mine. And they have just about as much fun together as we do. 

Jim's son one, Dustin— 

Son two, the youngest, Benjamin. Only eight, yet totally, obviously his father's son: 

Another favorite photo of mine. This'n's getting wall space for certain—

Fiddle-ist Evangeline and her dandy, Andrew. Also, I've got guns, yo:

My flower girl. Her hair. My mom did it. Even though her six-little-daughters-raising years are past, Susie can still french braid the hell outta some hairs: 

While I have five sisters, only two were able to make it. The three that weren't there had about the best three reasons you could come up with for being absent. Mal lives in Belgium, and not only was I inflexible on the wedding date, I gave very little notice. Cat's baby Walt just had his cleft palate-closing surgery, thus traveling: unwise. And Haley was 38-weeks pregnant. So I gave them a pass. 

In spite of their absence, we managed to have a good time. It was a near miss, but we put our shoulders to the wheel and committed fully to fun. Whit (sister number two) me (first daughter) and Lo (sister number 6): 

My two best girls, Jess and Amber. From L.A. and Utah they came. They claim they didn't even plan to look like bridesmaids. Sure, sure—

Aunts Robin and Marcy: 

My dad and his siblings, Sue and Robin. Also, cake and the desire for more of it: 

When we Petersons squeezed onto the couch it was snug and I found myself flanked and quite squished by ample bosoms on both sides. 

So there you have it—our wedding day. I think it looks happy. Does it look happy? It was happy! Thank you, Ashley darling. 

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