Sunday, December 8, 2013


• It took more time that I should have spent on such a task, but I cleaned up this blog a little. I went through my archives and reduced the 900-some-odd posts to 700-some-odd posts, deleting entries that said nice things about el Wasband. But my sister, Whitney, would tell you not to worry. She made me bust a gut (that’s an unsavory expression, isn’t it?) when she said that she is certain that sometime early this year the ex made multiple trips to Office Depot to buy cartridge after cartridge of toner so that he could print out every last post on this blog to have as evidence of some kind, probably to prove that I’m a big ol’ meanie. So while I may have deleted a post from the Remarks from Sparks online archive, it is most certainly still present and easily accessible in hardcopy form in some well-organized binder on a shelf that Jim’s money paid for.

• If I keep nibbling at this hangnail I won’t have a thumb by tomorrow morning.

• Somewhere on this Online place I came across a photo of cool open bookshelves in an office. I showed Jim the picture, saying, “Isn’t that just so neat?” His response was, “It looks cluttered. I’ll build it for you.”

9AM church is too early. Just thinking about getting up that early on a weekend gives me a headache that can only be cured with cookies. So to spare my waistline and therefore my sanity and that of my long-suffering boyfriend, I’ll probably just wait to go to church until next year when it starts at a later time. It will be at a later time come 2014, right? Right?

• Crafts are pretty much the worst.

Jim has stopped referring to this space as “your blog” but instead as “The Blog,” as if no other weblog exists. 

• I love the days that I drop off Soph to spend time with the Elliker’s dog, Gus the trunky Labradoodle. She comes home worn out and sleeps instead of pestering me to throw her pink bear.

• Jim is wearing his facial hair in a trim full-beard style right now, and I can’t stop telling him how much I love it. I say it so much that he probably thinks I am dating him for his whiskers, and since I have none of my own—thank the Lord Almighty, seeing as, well, I’m a lady—that might be true.

I’m nearly done with my latest typography project thing. A piece I call The Cameron Credo. You’ll love it. My friend and yoga teacher, Cameron, compiled a bunch of pieces of advice for living and had me do them up in a poster. It’s in the same style as my marriage tips poster, and I look forward to sharing it with y’all when I get it complete.

I still haven’t done anything with the empty room that used to be the Wasband’s office. There are some little weights and an exercise ball lingering in there, dusty as hell I’m sure, but the room, as yet, has no purpose. However, when I was at my mom’s for Thanksgiving and saw that she had a new little table in her office for her sewing machine, I thought, “Hey, I could get a little table and set up my sewing machine in the empty room.” But I don’t want to sew. It’s unfathomable to most people that I even own a sewing machine at all. And really, I can’t be sure it even works. I haven’t plugged in the thing in a good six years. The last time I wanted to quickly shorten some pants, I used iron-on hem tape and it worked like a charm. Need to relearn how to thread the machine and battle a bobbin: averted.

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