Tuesday, November 5, 2013


You know that I write some. I pedal drugs. But did you know that I design things as well?

Thanks to my terrific representatives at Trademark Arts, you can find art prints by Megan Romo on

Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, K-mart, SearsRatuken, and some other places like HomeDepot.com and even Groupon.

Everything I've designed that's available for purchase is posted in my Imagekind store—logophilia.imagekind.com. That’s where I put all my latest prints, and today my Forrest Gump print was included among Imagekind’s hot prints on their home page:

Seeing stuff like this sort of makes me blush.

Oh, and my most exciting thing of late has to do with Wayfair. You know their "dancing furniture" commercials? Well the holiday one has my art in it. At :19, you see those four prints in the bedroom? Yeah, I designed them. 

I am excited for this thing to air over the holiday season. My ego's gonna get friggin' huge. er.

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Jess Hammond said...

Pretty dang cool!