Sunday, October 20, 2013


A bit a ago I reposted a comment Jim made on a post. I'm doing it again. Here's why: It's clear I'm besotted, and I'd sure hate to be the only one. I'm happy to provide proof that Jim likes me back. I've got the most sympathetic people in my corner; I'm told again and again that I deserve good things, that I deserve love. Well, I have it, Dear Reader. He says so. Right here:

10 things I love about Megan:

1) SMART!—Not just book smart either. She knows what the hell is going on around her. Thanks, "Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me."

2) She is GOOD at EVERYTHING—Need a present wrapped, airline reservation made on the correct date, advice on what glasses look best, or a wedding officiated? She is your girl.

3) CREATIVE—Yeah, if you think she can only write you would be dead wrong. Don’t believe me? Just go to Amazon and type her name. You will instantly know what I am talking about. Do yourself a favor and buy some art.

4) FUNNY!—She has great timing, and when she laughs it comes from down deep. She slaps her hands and collapses to the floor. It is adorable, and she doesn’t pee her pants, which is also great. Who announces that anyway?

5) COMPASIONITE and KIND—She is always looking how to help out and fix things. She is always talking about her friends, yoga community, and her family. She really loves all of you so much.

6) FAMILY—She is all about family all the time. She makes her own family a priority and she respects me when I make my family a priority. For me there is nothing more attractive than putting family 1st.

7) TEAMMATE—She is the one you want on your side. You know where she stands and she will not let you down.

8) DEPENDABLE—She follows through on stuff. She thinks ahead and makes things easy.

9) CUTE—Not in just a next door neighbor way either (unless you are her neighbor), but cute in a way that melts my heart. The ways she dances, the way she surprises me with gifts, the way she looks when she goes to work in a pencil skirt, I love to see her excited to go to yoga and also how exhausted she is when she is done with yoga. She is ripped. Her arms . . . oh those arms.

10) ACCOMPLISHED—She can thaw pipes when they freeze in her house. She can sell the hell out of drugs and mow a lawn with a push mower. (I am not talking about one that's self-propelled. I am talking about one that has nothing but blades and wheels. Like the one The Beaver used to mow lawns in the 50s.) She has so many things she has accomplished like school, dean's list, great pharma job, yoga, writing, and the list could go on and on.

I love you, sweetie. Thanks for inviting me to lunch that day.

(Reposted from the comments section on my Love Story post.)

You have my rather insincere apologies for the back-to-back mushy posts. When my parents were visiting a couple weekends ago, Jim and I were sitting at the counter in my kitchen and in response to some comment Jim made I said to my mom, "Isn't he adorable?" She gave me an Ew! response. And I said, "C'mom, Ma, after what you've seen me go through in the last year, don't you think I deserve a little mush?" She gave the go-ahead for all the mush I wanted. 


EM said...

I'm a totally random stranger that stumbled upon your blog and became intrigued with your humor, your writing style, and really your crazy story.

As if you and Jim's first kiss wasn't enough, now he has to go and show how great he is by recognizing how great you are.

Love it! Best to both of you.

Megan said...

EM—Sheesh! How come people are so nice? Thank you. Up until recently no one had less faith in humanity than I did. But now? The people who have responded to my story, my writing, my humor, whatever, are blowing the hell out of my mind. Thank you! I'm truly grateful for your attention and your kind words.

Rabid said...

Jim's a good egg.

Anonymous said...

Dear Megan,

I stumbled upon your blog after stumbling upon someone else's old blog post about a "fat girl in hot yoga". I'm not sure what it was about your comment that made me click through and find your blog (I almost never, ever do that). I don't know where it was that I realized that I resonated with your divorce story, but I clicked on the tag and spent the past hour or so reading all of your posts and here I am.

I teared up when I caught brief-but-all-too-there sentences about how you tried to change yourself for the Wasband in The End. My heart swelled when I read how you were taking time to relax and enjoy during in your newly-found single life. And I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand when you said you were dating the whore's ex-husband. And I am SO EXCITED for your new relationship. I feel like I know you after the past hour, and that's completely ridiculous but I needed to let you know.

My own Wasband was my Wasband-to-be. We were together seven-and-a-half years (and were two months to our wedding) when he decided that he had actually only "settled" for me, and that he needed to live a life outside of me. We had lived, loved and laughed together for over seven years, and the whole thing came out of the blue. Like a sledgehammer. Or a frickin' freight train. We went through several months of yes-no-yes. He didn't cheat on me, but the day after he tried to break up with me the first time he started sleeping with his brother's roommate for about a week before coming back to me again (he had been staying with his brother during our first few weeks of break). And my story is not yours, but it felt like cheating. And I never knew what heartbreak was like until this past summer.

Sorry, that was much more detail than I meant to write.

It's been a great relief to me to read through your posts and feel your strength and watch you grow. To read about the exact same things that I went through - that I'm still going through - and to have affirmation that it actually might be normal. The begging, the bartering, the changing-oneself, the realization that he was actually kind of a dick in the end. I've been in my own little apartment for just two months and am slowly working on the "relax and enjoy" part. I'm still angry a lot, but I revel in being angry - I too busy begging and feeling bleak to be angry before.

And I can't wait to find my own Jim.

Thank you, Megan,


Megan said...

Amanda, thank you. For reals, thanks. Thank you for reading--I visited your blog and see that you write, so you know what it means to have people read and thanks for sharing your story. And when I thank you for that, I'm actually thanking you on behalf of your future self. The telling helps the healing. At least for me. I didn't intend that to be the case, seeing as "writing for therapy" sounds like shoddy journaling of shame, but that's what's happened. My eagerness to turn my misfortune into entertainment has been helpful.

I noticed that it's been months since you blogged. I get that. You were torn to shreds and blogging, or creative work of any kind, seems impossible, right? I bet his shitty actions seem to have killed that part of you, right? Maybe that's just me, but it's a miracle I graduated with a fine arts degree of any sort after this infidelity bullshit. I can tell you though that it's beginning to come back. Today I started designing a poster. I haven't done that in a year. And I'm thinking I might have it in me to write again. Stuff I thought was gone is nearly through it's winter and poking up green through the last bits of lingering snow. May all that give you some hope, a thing I thought was myth just months ago.

I'm happy to have you along on this journey of sorts, I hope reading my nonsense can be useful or, even better, make you laugh. You need that right now.

Please be kind to yourself. Be so patient. You are worth loving. I don't need to know you well to believe that. All I need is my hours of therapy. You are worth loving. Let yourself have wallowing days and pissed days and they will become less and less. I'm not trying to sound like some dilettante guru, just a girl who needed to hear those words herself. I'm happy to have "met" you, Amanda, and hope to hear about your progress. You are your most worthwhile project ever.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Megan! I just found your response to my comment. Your words are so kind and awesome. I didn't have a lot on my blog to begin with, but I definitely did stop writing about a year ago. I've been considering taking it down and starting fresh. I'm slowly starting to get inspired again lately. I found your most recent posters and I must say that I love them!

You're a beautiful person and I feel privileged just to be following your blog. <3!