Monday, September 2, 2013


I feel like a champ when my FitBit tells me that I got a whole 4.5 hours of sleep. Makes me feel like I hit the after-hours lottery. My slumber standards might be a tad low.

• My wits aren't about me.

• Body hurts. Left knee is swollen. Blisters on my heels from walking in my stiff motorcycle boots at Burning Man. Left shoulder’s throbbing. I’m on day 63 of my Bikram challenge, but it was the trampolining that did me in today. After she provided me with the largest pair of pajama pants she could find to replace my poorly chosen skirt (in my own defense, I didn’t know the tramp was on our agenda), Josie and I spent a solid 2 hours handspringing, crashing (that was mostly me), bouncing, flipping, and biffing it (again, mostly me). Though I reminded her a good, uh, 50 times that I’m more than twice her age and old people get fatigued, it was only when I genuinely injured my bum shoulder that I got to rest. Effective taskmaster, I tell ya.

• Now that losing my Burning Man virginity is out of the way, my whole world is devoted to the wedding. Jim and I booked our flight today, Evandrewline. I booked the hotel, and I got the wedding officiant certificate in the mail last week, so once I figure out what to wear I can think about the ceremony. Kidding. Kidding. Your ceremony is my top priority from now ‘til September 28. Nothing but marriage on my mind! T minus less than one month!

• No liquid but a small bottle of tea at 7AM does not an awesome yoga experience make. Improving my hydration habits could be a good idea. 

• Pancakes, please.

• I passed my time at church today making origami frogs. I’m nothing if not a spiritual giant.

Jim. He's straight up superb. Head's over heels over here. Today he learned to spot his daughter while she practiced back handsprings. He set off rockets with Ben and retrieved one off the roof. He's a helluva kisser. And he flatters me by loving what he sees as my above-average capability when it comes to, like, well, basically everything.

• I know what you want to hear about is more on Burning Man, but I had to show up and whine a little about my elderly and busted body. I’ll handle the burning whatnot later, team.

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