Thursday, June 27, 2013


In response to encouragement from my lil’ Facebook community, I owe you people some more of the divorce details, but that stuff is heavyish, and I feel like we—I—need a brief hiatus from weighty whatnot. But stay tuned, ‘cause there’s more, and you don't wanna miss it. 

Now onto the kind of post my Rabid enjoys most, the farraginous kind . . . 

The last couple days I’ve done 8:30PM yoga classes. The later in the day, the bendier I am. I’m not frazzled from work stuff. I’m not rushing. Everything I need to get done that day is done; I even turn down my bedclothes before I leave the house. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I don’t pull into my garage until 10:35, so once I'm home I straightaway wash up and get to bed. It’s a compelling deviation from my customary earlier classes.

• I want a cupcake.

• I want a piece of key lime pie.

I want a piece of lemon meringue pie. 

• I want a maple bar.

• I want bulk candy.

• I was listening to a T.A.L. podcast today in which our dear president was prattling on about something dire, and I thought, “Obama does a good Obama. But not as good as Fred Armisen’s Obama.”

• Weird Al is a genius, a true parody wizard.

• Bananas Foster: frowny face.

• E. and I. are my saviors. They take turns walking my dog. They are 13 and 9, respectively. Though it could be 14 and 8 or 12 and 10. I’m the worst with ages, adult and child alike. Let it be good enough that they are tweenish and perfect. Usually Team Sophie comes while I’m at work, but yesterday it happened that I was at home when I. came in to get the puppy. My dog ran to her, super excited, and I got to hear her greet my pet. Listening to that darling girl was so delightful. I texted her mom, “I just listened to I. come get Sophie. Don’t ever let anyone else hear her talk to my dog. Your daughter will get kidnapped immediately. It was insanely adorable.”

• Living alone has its perks. For example, I just emptied my dishwasher for the first time in a week and a half. I don't generate enough dishes to necessitate more frequent dishwashing. Quite the blessing of singlehood. Another one: I know where everything is. I did major dejunking during the yes-no-yes-no-yes-no time period wherein my spouse was trying to decide which girl he'd choose. I got rid of a ton of stuff. (I learned that the very best way to get rid of things is to put FREE! on Craig's List. People just come pick things up. It was maybe not the most fiscally intelligent choice I've made, but it sure was efficient). Everything that's left is stuff I mean to be here, and it's all got its own spot.

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