Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Whaaat? Megan posting on her blog? Crazy, right? I have no explanation for my sudden presence, but here it is. Your enthusiastic gratitude isn't only noted; it's noted graciously.

So what am I doing right now? Well, I'm lamenting the impending death of my vacation. I'm grateful for my job—I like it, and I adore who I work with—but I sure do dig me a long break. But tomorrow: back to the drug-pushing grind.

I'm listening to Iron Chef America on Hulu. Did you know that I love food TV? It's true. I love pretty much everything about Chopped, Iron Chef, MasterChef, Cupcake Wars, and the like. I'll admit though that I'm always disappointed when the Iron Chef secret ingredient isn't something that lends itself to a dessert. Or two.

I just finished filling my online grocery shopping cart. I'll pick up the food tomorrow. I pull up to the grocery store, push a button, and my sweet personal shopper wheels my purchases out to the car. If you don't think that's downright incredible, you're an idiot, a full-blown dunce.

I'm thinking now might be the time to get off my butt, wash my face, brush my teeth, and go gobble one of my beloved prescription sleeping pills. But Megan, those things are addicting! Oh, thanks for your concern. But I don't care. If it happens that I'm addicted, I truly don't give a damn. I've decided that addictions are a-okay so long as your body systems are functioning properly and the addiction isn't getting in the way of day-to-day responsibilities. But I also think that Swedish Fish are a perfectly acceptable dinner, animals have thoughts, Wikipedia is an infallible source of facts, and crème brûlée is as appetizing as torched snot.

In other news: 

I'm divorced. My annivorcery is December 3rd. Surprised? Yeah, I was too. I mean, not at the tail end, but when events came to pass that spelled the eventual demise, I sure did raise the ol' eyebrows. (Mastress of Understatement here.) That could have something to do with my recent online absence. It could be that I'm still doing a lot of avoiding when it comes to The Online. Does it look lazy? Does it look rude? Oh, I give not one damn. Certain life events can really drive a person to manage her expectations of herself.

And because you're super polite I'll loop you in on what you're dying to know—I'm doing well. The last half of 2012 was an effing disaster, but I have a mind-blowing support system, and these days I'm feeling pretty darn good. And here's something that might be influential on that front:

In a week I'm heading to Cambridge, Mass, to graduate with my Masters degree in Words. Excited? Doi. Proud? Certainly. Ready to be done with it all? Not really, no. I've been having a blast, and I don't want it to end.

Over and out, team. For who the hell knows how long . . .


My25Cents said...

Wow. What a way to enter the scene again.

Megan I don't know you (in person), but have been following you for quite a while so in some bizarre way I feel like I can say "I'm SO proud of you" for getting your Masters! You ROCK!

On your divorce -- all I can say is I'm so glad you have a wonderful support system and that you're doing well. I'm going to include you in my prayers (not that you asked for them). In case you're wondering--I'm not one of those that throws around the "you're in my prayers" comment to everyone. I know you're name and you'll be making an appearance in my prayers now---don't you feel special?

Oh! and food TV? I used to watch the original Iron Chef and it makes the Iron Chef America look like preschool. Good times!

Thank you for coming back from your absence...even if for just a short moment. I've missed you.

Megan and Keli'i said...

You continue to amaze me. Classy. Intelligent. Honest. Hard working. Determined. Lovely. And you have great taste.

I wish you all the best. You certainly deserve it. Let's try better at getting together next time you're in town. I'll be in this freezing hole until May.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you're doing well, despite a disastrous 6 months. I hope you continue to feel supported. Way to go with your graduate work! I understand (strangely) that you might not want it all to end. I remember feeling that way.
Hope the next months are much better than the last ones, and that you are truly doing well.

Wildflower said...

Megan - I am so happy to see you have reappeared! I have followed your blog since, well, to be quite honest, your second Twilight movie review. Oh how I have missed your musings! I look forward to what your spunk and wit will spring forth now that you have accomplished the masters goal and move onto others. As my mother expressed it when I encountered divorce 25 years ago..."chin up, and keep the corners of your mouth turned upward!" Welcome back!

Rabid said...

I've been following your blog since -- please hold -- March 28th, 2008. I've read, and hung on to every word you've ever written. And plan to continue.

The blog world is so sleepy these days. I apologize for not reading this sooner. Embarrassed, actually. I'm pleased as punch to hear that you have online grocery shopping, and it has subsequently prompted me to find my own in this area. Hah! Good luck, right?

Also, animals do have thoughts, "torched snot" is the funniest thing I've read in a long while, and you, my dear, are positively wonderful.

Julie said...

So very happy to see you here. Really. And I'm so very happy you are doing well. Even though we've never officially met, I care that you are ok. I mean that sincerely.

Unknown said...

Online grocery shopping? I'll save money if I don't step past those gliding doors ever again, upcharge for services be damned. I deplore the grocery store. (I like that sentence!) Well, it's true.

Sorry about your divorce. It can happen to the best of us.