Monday, December 19, 2011


Did you know that peppermint ice cream is my favorite holiday treat?

Did you know that I've never had funnel cake, a Whopper, or a Big Mac? Mark say's it's un-American.

Did you know that passive voice makes me grind my teeth? I hate it. And I can name the people I know who use it most often. Sticks out in my mind. And diminishes my perception of their intelligence.

Did you know that I wake up every morning to carnage on the walls? I've got a huge print of Picasso's Guernica hanging in our bedroom, and Mark says it freaks him out sometimes. But I never get sick of it, so it's staying.

Did you know I floss while I drive? (Don't worry, I use the little pick thingers so that I can use the other hand for driving and talking on the phone and eating and fixing my makeup and posting on Facebook, etc.)

Did you know that cumin is my favorite spice?

Did you know that I'm happily married?

Did you know that though I don't cook, I'm actually pretty okay at it?

Did you know that I love Food Network shows? (Can you tell that one is on right now for all the food references here?) I watch them on The Online. Okay, I should be clear, when I say "watch" I actually mean listen. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is on in another browser tab. I can hear Guy, but I can't see him.

Did you know that I called the winner of Next Iron Chef during the first episode this season? I just knew Zakarian would win. (But I really wanted Faulkner to win. I think she's more creative.)

Did you know that I truly live without regrets? I'm very pleased with the choices I've made. I like to think about that sometimes—that I'm satisfied with the life I've crafted for myself. Yeah, things aren't perfect, but I don't go through my days dwelling on the woulda coulda shouldas. I'd make my same choices all over again; can't think of anything I wish I'd done differently.

Did you know that I think crème brûlée and flan are the most disgusting desserts I've ever encountered? (I say "that I've ever encountered" because I'm quite sure there's worse desserts out there, but I've not yet met them.)

Did you know that I'm oppressively proud of being a non-oppressive vegetarian?

Did you know that I can put Newman's Own Light Balsamic Dressing on pretty much anything? Fave. Times a lot.

Did you know that I think the Santa Claus myth is absurd and should I spawn spawn I'll tell them where their gifts actually came from? (Mark's not sold on that, so it's sorta negotiable. But banning Disney Princesses? Totally not negotiable. Totally. High five, Makin.)

Did you know that I'm hooked on online grocery shopping? Picture it, you pull up to the store, push a button, and they bring the goods out to your car. (And they won't let you tip them. So there's just enough guilt involved to make it a complete experience.)

Did you know that when I saw a Rothko in person I started to cry? I rounded a corner in the Whitney museum, encountered the Rothko and couldn't help tearing up. (Ridiculous, right? Poor Rabidrunner, she's been around me on more than one occasion when I've teared up at the sight of something. Happy tears for Rothko. Sad tears for taxidermy.)

Did you know that feta cheese is my favorite pizza topping?

Did you know the my company shuts down for the last week of the year every year? It's common in the drug industry. Makes me love my work.


Sue said...

Did you know you're a piece of work?

Megan said...


jrm said...
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Jessica said...

Whoa. Jeff and I recently had this conversation about El Santa Claus. Decided it's ridiculous and we'd rather not lie to the chitlins. We'll scar them in another way, of course, but why perpetuate a myth that you later have to tell them about?

Besides, I'm selfish and I want them to know all their gifts came from me.

(Three cheers for banning Princesses!)

Rabid said...

Yeah. That Santa Claus thing. I'm going with it though 'cause he's bringing us a new TV. (It's amazing what you can get when you sleep with Santa Claus. Now if only that sleeping with him will get me a grand piano.)

Also, I remember you gushing over the Rothko. I remember. And I quite like that you are passionate about stuff.

Julander Family said...

I found your blog through pinterest. Someone had posted your print of the family proclamation. I LOVE it! I was wondering if you sell them and how I could get my hands on one?

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