Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It came! I’ve been waiting and waiting and finally it came!

My first rejection.

Is it totally weird that I’m more excited that I got a rejection than an acceptance?

It is. I know it is.

But I sent the piece—a good piece, I promise; I wasn’t sending something crummy out with the sole aim of getting shut down—with this weird little hope that they’d say no. And they did. It gave me the chance to create a Rejections! file. I was really excited about it.

I think I wanted a first No Thank You out of the way before getting my hopes up on sending out other stuff. So now I guess that means I should gussy up another essay and see about getting it accepted someplace. Maybe someone will like it.

But if they don’t I’ve already got a home waiting for the rejection notice.



Sue said...

WELCOME! You've arrived! I have a Rejection Binder with quite a few letters in it.

Those letters mean that at least we tried, and we're masochistic enough to keep asking for more.

Ah, the blood and tears of writing.

RebeccaV said...

LOVE IT! I just received my first rejection as well and was equally excited - nice to know I'm not alone on this (the excitement, not the rejection). Cheers to you!