Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My sister, Whit, writes "At the Moment" posts on her blog, and, because I've got nothing even resembling originality, I'm going to steal the idea, give her credit the first two times I use it, and then claim it as my own thereafter.

And so, without further fishing self-deprecation . . . At my moment:

Right now I'm sequestered in my office doing what I do best: digesting Sour Patch Kids and procrastinating. This bout of procrastination has to do with logging my calls from today and finishing up my assignment for my interdisciplinary course for school (that's due tomorrow). Always something.

Sophie is also in the loft—passed out on the ottoman, I'm guessin'. Because she's fat she's getting walks every evening, and a mile and half does a number on our little number. 

Oh, and Lauren just came in my office and asked if she can sleep over at Kindra's. I think it's adorable how she asks me. She's a full-on adult, so she doesn't need to ask. But like I'm going to tell her that. And don't any of you do it either, ya hear?

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Sue said...

I'm still in mourning...