Friday, September 9, 2011


• I take great joy in Haley and Jon's interest in my beloved West Wing. It's only taken like 4 years of encouragement to get family on board.

• So proud of Lauren I can hardly see straight. She's got a great job and she's killin' it.

• Miss the PeterPool like it's family. 

• Dog won't drink? Spike her water with chicken stock.

• V8 broccoli soup: a revelation.

• My pup is worth every penny.

• Motorcyclists, I beg of you, please stop riding like morons. Hold yourself to a higher standard, dummies.

• I hate that I know that at 6:30AM it takes me 30 minutes to get from my house to the Grand Sierra Resort.

• Key lime pie for lunch.

• Banana cream pie for dessert after lunch.

• Do dogs exhibit child-like characteristics or do kids exhibit puppy-like characteristics? I say the latter.

• I look forward to the week after Labor Day for the influx of Burning Man photos on facebook.

• Since it is lowercase in the logo, I believe that facebook should always have a lowercase f.

• And I don't prefer how my browser autocorrects it to a capital F. Control+Click-->Learn Spelling, dammit.

• Dirty little secret that I wasn't even willing to tell myself: I actually enjoy working conventions. It's there that I'm the most "on."

• I love my Namaste necklace. I wear it everyday.

• Temperature-wise, if you're comfortable, so's your [exogenous] insulin.

• Having a new yoga buddy in my friend Cyndie is a blast. Her Bikram texts are day-makers.

• It's not "jump change." It's "chump change." It's not "chip-faced." It's sh*t-faced." I lurve my sissies.

• Fave Cyndie text: "I feel like this Bikram thing is a twelve step program. Whenever I get stressed I think, "I need a class!"

• It's impressive how quickly I disintegrate into weekend mode from work mode once I'm home for the day.

• Bowled today. For the first time in like, oh, four years. Pleased to say that I'm not at all depressed over how much I suck at the game.

• The bowling alley guy gave me socks for free! And the bowling kicks looked sweet with a black pencil skirt.

• Pencil skirts: not so much suited for bowling. I shall blame my terrible score on the skirt. 

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Jessica said...

I love Cyndie's perspective. She's totally right.