Saturday, July 2, 2011


Sorry, but according to my understanding born of this edjamacation, blogging isn't writing. Nope. Not as I've learned to interpret it. It's a shortcut that doesn't include the trauma of publication.

Anyone can write a journal. And that's generally that nature of a blog. It doesn't take a writer to keep a journal. It doesn't take a writer to blog.

But it does take a writer to write.

Professional bloggers are just that: bloggers. It takes so much more than the easy-come-easy-go blog audience to be a writer. Blog readers don't pay for the pleasure. They show up, they read, they leave. All without surrendering their precious cents. From time to time a blog will offer up good writing, but let's not confuse ourselves thinking that "blogger" and "writer" are synonymous. Erroneous, dear friends. Erroneous.

Blogging and writing: two different things requiring different skill sets, sensibilities, and durabilities. Bein' a blogger--even a successful one, with fans and funds--don't make you a writer. And that's just the way it is.


whitneyingram said...

This is why I am writing a cookbook. I was meant for bigger and better than a blog. Prideful? Yes. But I think I am good at writing recipes, so I am going to make people buy them.

[Morgan] said...

a big fat amen, megan.
i've had people comment on my blog before saying "you are such a good writer!".
eh? you're confused. what i am is a really good talker. lol.