Sunday, February 27, 2011


Whitney and Jessica get the credit for where I am today. (Weep. Wipe.) I'll leave it to them to decide whether or not they should be proud of themselves.

Where I am: nestled in a green beanbag in my office with my MBP balanced on my outstretched legs. I'm hopping from one Space to the next. A little Photoshop here. A little facebook there. Some calendaring. A dash of emailing. I'm avoiding the Space where my word processing program is open. It's mocking me with it's blank stare. I'm supposed to be filling those blank pages with writing of some kind.

Dude, I got nothin'. Again.


Where I am: in graduate school.

Whitney and Jessica are to thank/to blame for where I am right now.


Without this here blog I would not be working on my MFA in Creative Truth-telling. I wanted this degree years ago. I've been whining about wanting for a while now. But. But. But I wasn't ready. A thing I did not know and find myself very mature for being able to now admit. What I needed in order to be ready to pursue what I was wanting was this blog. It lubricated my mind. It was three years of intermittent brainstorming. Blogging is brainstorming. ('Cause I'll be damned if someone [smart] actually thinks that the bulk of blogs have what I'd call "writing" as their overall structure.)

And now, in working on pages to turn into my faculty advisor every month, I perpetually find myself blocked. (So much for the mental lubrication, right?) So I come back to the archives of this blog looking for an idea to flesh out and turn in. Very useful for that, this blog. I needed it to get me ready to go to school and I need it now as I try to craft essays for critique. I come back here to remind myself what I think. 'Cause of course I can't just, like, remember.

So how is Whitney involved? She's the one that started a blog and suggested that I do the same. Without her encouragement to do this thing I'd certainly not have found myself blogging. If not blogging there would be no schooling at present.

Thanks, Whitney.

And Jessica? How is this her fault too?

She was the quiet cheerleader through example. In hearing about her progress in her graduate studies and in her encouraging that I do what I'd been wanting to do for years, I felt a little more confidence in the concept and applied to some universities. (And then punished her with the task of being one of my readers for my application submission writings. No good deed goes unpunished, yes? Yes.)

Thanks, Jessica.

I'm glad to be where I am. On this beanbag going cross-eyed. It means that I'm checking a to-do off my life list. But couldn't it please just be a little bit easier?


Jessica said...

You're welcome for encouraging you to torture yourself. You will one day look back on this time with fondness.

Megan said...

I suppose it's only fair, seeing as I've encouraged you to sweat it out in "the torture chamber."

Rabid said...

I got nothing to say... 'cept thanks for writing this! It's always a treat when my favorite sparkler of a remarker shows up in the google reader.

hapi said...

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