Tuesday, August 24, 2010


• The first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning: my conference call. The second: candy corns.

• The beings I sleep with seem bound and determined to make it hard for me to do so comfortably. One is a bedclothes hog. The other thinks that my pillow is a nice place to sleep.

• I found my long-lost purple mat! An accidental find in the first place, it's my most favorite mat. I like them very thin. I like to feel the bumps of my spine on the floor. http://stupidtinyurl.com

• My right shoulder (sometimes it's my left) is making it impossible to lift things--all things--without pain. Shoulder: I hate you; I really do.

Burning Man is coming next week. Reno, the last water stop, is about to find itself decorated with the most colorful of folks. Say Yay! to variety.

• Did you know that I've been on facebook lately? (Gasp! Yeah, yeah, I know.) It's thanks to the iPhone app. Makes the facebookage an in-my-palm way to pass waiting time enjoying sissies, Rabid, and Jessica.

• Did you also know that I hate grocery shopping. Si, I'm using the word hate about grocery shopping.

• Logophilia $10 Print of the Week is a thing of beauty. http://stupidtinyurl.com

• Speaking in church on Sunday. You're all welcome to attend to experience the antics of the barely prepared. Previous procrastination has its future predictability.

• My sister, Mal, once called Storm Troopers "Darth Vader's white helpers." I've taken to calling my antidepressant pills my "little white helpers."

• The floor of my closet isn't visible. Instead you see two and a half weeks of cast of clothing.

• I apologized to the husband for my slovenliness. He said, "You're an adult! What do I care? You'll clean when you're ready." This from Mr. Tidy. Love that guy.

• I had Van's frozen waffles adorned with chocolate frosting for lunch on Sunday.

• Though his website isn't so much, my husbandiero's new business is up and running. Great way for us to take that Apple adoration to the next level. Thus far: success! http://stupidtinyurl.com

• At the rate I was going, it will save me $500 this year. So I bought an unlimited annual pass to the Bikram studio. A grand down and I think I'm committed.

• In power yoga yesterday I discovered that my jump up to handstand against the wall is a silent and graceful thing of beauty. Away from the wall? A horrible embarrassment.

• Did some Young Women Theme prints that you can order as an 11X14 or a 16X20. http://stupidtinyurl.com

• I'm presently most pleased with keeping my toenails painted black.

• I'm glad that my face doesn't look like a foot. And that I have a petite and not bulbous nose.

• Romo and I bicker over who has a better nose.

• (I do.)

• I nearly ran over a quail the other day. Heart-racing, I swerved just in time. The thing just stood there. No, mom, I don't think I should have hit it to rid the quail race of one of its low-hanging fruit.


Jessica said...

Seeing as how I'm Ms. Tidy and I married Mr. Slovenly, I shall institute your Mister's canned response. I like it.

Cunning said...

Note to self: use the term "low hanging fruit" more often.

It's been a while, hope you are doing insanely well.

.From Her. said...

This has nothing to do with anything.

Just thought I should preface.

I want to know how/where you printed off those AWE-SOME huge blown up pictures that you put on your wall. If I wasn't so lazy, I would scroll back to that actual post, and ask on that post... but here I am, with husband standing over my shoulder saying, "Did you find out? Did you find out??" after I mentioned I saw someone with a HUGE print on their wall.

In short: I want to blow up some print I have. Suggestions?

Thank you.

Your blog continues to remind me how incontinent I really am associated with loud laughter. TMI? Meh. It's late.