Thursday, July 8, 2010


I don't blog all that often these days. I don't know if it's because I don't have much to say or because I don't want to take the time to post or because I forget or because I'm bored with it. (It's probably all of those things because they came to my noggin as reasons.) Whatever my whys, though I'm not writin' reg'lur-like posts much, I am into frequently preparing these mock tweet posts. The little blurbs are easy to sieze and are illustrative; they're the small thoughts that truly do pop up throughout the day, the things that could do with more explanation but can be more interesting--or not--when they stand alone.

In the movie The Informant with Matt Damon you spend 2 hours or so listening to the mind wanderings of an average sort of guy (well, average if you exclude the part where he illegally squirreled away 5 million--no wait, 7 million, er, I mean 9 million, but was really 11 million (whoops! Did I just say that out loud?--dollars). His thoughts meander from one subject to the next; they're the endearing part of the movie, the part that helps you to sit through what's not a very compelling bit of cinema.

As Señior Romo and I were watching the show and laughing aloud at Mark Whitacre's sometimes bizarre thoughts, I said, Really that's what all of our thoughts look like. He's not so unique. We all ramble along in our brains while we're supposed to be doing or thinking about something else. All of us. Only I write mine down.

And I do.

Whenever I have a thought that I find strange or interesting or out-of-the-ordinary or poignant or perhaps the beginning of a larger thought I write it down--on my phone or on a little notepad I carry around.

Who knows, maybe one of those random bits will be helpful in pulling me out of a writing rut when I'm working on an essay for school (or therapeutic purposes)?

Some of these disjointed pieces of me that I capture throughout the day end up here as my Tweetables--which are really my cop-out posts.


• I have a short sternum area. All shirts--really: all--look lower on me and always have. A hassle with yoga tops, as I'm constantly pulling at 'em.

• I think self-help books are a boring waste of time.

• Will write more on this later--but for now: Having size 5.5 feet is cute but hard. Finding that size is near to impossible these days.

• I want the game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego as an app for my phone. Someone please make it.

• Smoking: not cool. Hate how Garance Doré and Scott Schumann's blogs look to make it hip. Don't care if you're French; smoking still blackens lungs.

• Ever use as little toilet paper as is possible so that you can put off changing the roll, even when it's easily within reach?

• Annoyed with clothing websites that don't show the clothes actually on a person. How am I supposed to gauge the length of things?

• Riddle me this: why does my make-up brush smell like A1 sauce?

• Riddle me this: why does my make-up brush now smell like cotton candy?

• The 80s weren't as cute as you think they were. Please stop making and buying clothes that showcase early Generation Me's poor taste.

• Why do all maternity wards seem to have light colored wood and sea foam green decor? Did someone do a study on how that ugliness soothes babies?

• You can't tell me that every single hospital maternity ward was either built or redecorated in the early 90s.

• Fed up with all sale stuff online--and off, for that matter--being size XL and XXL. Stop making so much bigger stuff and make more XS.

• Is stupid sexy?

• See, with the way that so many models demo sexy--mouth agape and look vacant--I'm inclined to think that someone believes that dudes are hot for idiocy.

• However, 41% of men say that they find a woman's intellect a turn on.

• (Okay I made up that statistic.)

• Not a joke: we don't own a vacuum.

• I've become a caffeine lightweight. Since killing my perpetual diet soda habit, a mere 8 oz. of Diet Dr. Pepper after 5PM keeps me up all night.


Sue said...

-Tell me about your sternum. It was a great source of frustration for me when you were a teenager. Your la-la's were always a little too exposed.

-Stop using A-1 and cotton candy as make-up. Problem solved.

-Unfortunately XL and XXL are in high demand.. Not so much XS.

-Models look that way because they are starving.

-Why vacuum when Sophie annihilates the carpet?

Jessica said...

It's true that most of our thoughts are like this. Stream of consciousness. (which, incidentally, is how your gal Marya writes when she's in her manic phases in the book. Sorta trippy.)

Also, I think it's this stream of thoughts that keep me up at night. (My thoughts, not yours, just to clarify!)

Rabid said...

Megan's streams of thoughts actually keep me up all night. I'm always wondering what she's streaming when she sleeps.

Julie said...

Might I query as to why you are smelling your make-up brush in the first place?

Megan said...

Julie, when the brush passes over my nose as I use it to spread the powder over my mug I can't help but smell it!

Kelsey Carreon said...

Our vacuum broke and I thought I was going to have to be committed. I find such comfort and solace in a freshly vacuumed room. Seeing those freshly vacuumed lines that only are made with a purring, sucking machine soothes my nerves and make me feel that even though behind my laundry room door is Mt. clothsuvius, and sink has dishes waiting, I did something and it looks perfect and is clean.