Sunday, July 25, 2010


As I've told you before, my snobby little self simply isn't havin' any of the Mormon art out there. But I'm not opposed to having some religion on my walls. So where, oh where, am I going to get something that I like with an LDS theme to it? Well, I'm going to have to make it myself, aren't I?


So, as you know, that's just what I did. I took The Proclamation on the Family and gussied it up Megan-style with the intention of having my design printed and hanging it on a wall downstairs.

When the thing was complete I was extra pleased with the result, and I thought it just too terrific to keep to myself; so I sent a surprise copy to each of my sisters and my mom. I shipped them the standard poster size that I designed it for: 24X36. Though I've yet to see their prints in person, the pictures they've sent me show that it's a decent size--big enough to get itself noticed and smack you with a dab of religion each time you pass by.

For me and my house, however, I wanted something with a little more Look at Me! to it. So I ordered our greyish-brown Family Proclamation print as a 40X60. That's right kids--when framed, the print I ordered for us is as tall as I am. (Don't ever let any one tell you that I don't have an ego to reckon with.)

Know that I have never claimed—and really never will—that I am any kind of a home interior whiz. My "design theory" is basically: Like it. Buy it. Use it. So what if things don't so much go together? I figure that if I like something enough and put it near something else that I like quite a lot the whole conglomeration will work just fine for me. So far so good.

My husbandiero is a rockstar, for he took about 7 hours yesterday to follow me around the house with his tool bag and drill to hang prints, sconces, shelves, and such. (It's better this way, for when I do the hanging myself he invariably has to rehang, 'cause my handiwork is either wobbly on the wall or just plan falls down.)

My sister, Mal, and I recently went through the Romo abode and swichted things around, ousting the old and placing the new, so there was much whatnot needing his attention. My fella took care of—let's see . . . 2 shelves, 2 candles sconces, one shelf sconce, a painting, a magnet board, a curtain rod, 8 prints of various sizes, a clock, a mirror, and patched up the wall where necessary. Hanging stuff with fastidious me isn't exactly the most fun or easiest way to spend a Saturday, but my man's patience got us through.

Of all that stuff, the Family Proclamation print was the thing I was most excited to get up on the wall. (If you're a drapery diva I'll ask your forgiveness for the stark look in this here room. Some things just aren't a priority.)

I'm also no photographer, but it's terrific, yes?

Now, that last post showed two packages though, didn't it? So what was in the second one? you're dying to know. It was this:

I took the third stanza of Pablo Neruda's "Sonnet XVII"—a sonnet that's near and dear to our hearts, as my sthweet-hawt read it at our little post-wedding luncheon nearly eight years ago—and made it into a giant (also 40X60) print to hang upstairs outside our bedroom. This too I am incredibly pleased with.

Well done me.


Michele said...

these look great well done you

Renae said...

You are blessed with talent! Will you please make Pablo Neruda's print available on Logophilia?

Sparks said...

I would, Renae, but that is a little complicated. It is built as a 24x36, which sizes up proportionally to a 40x60, which--of course--I had to have custom framed. The 24x36, (a standard poster size), however, doesn't size proportionally to any other standard poster size, thus were I to post the poster I'd have to post it as a 24x36--a size that I've learned is too large for most people--or adjust the poster design to accommodate a smaller standard print size (for though the design is still lovely in atypical sizes, like 15x22, custom framing is just too expensive), which will likely take more time than it's worth.

Long explanation that you probably couldn't care less about, but I have reasons so I thought I'd offer 'em.

Shar said...

I bought your turquoise Family Proclamation in a 24x36 and I LOVE it! Thanks for designing LDS art that actually looks good.

Sparks said...

Oh, well then I love you, Shar. Thanks for the compliment of your purchase!

{Erica} said...

Shar has good taste so I wasn't surprised when I saw that she bought a print.

Thanks for posting what the actual print looks like on the wall. I'm loving the size you printed yours at. Still deciding what size I should get. Think your family members would mind you sharing what their prints look like on their walls?

Jessica said...

Look at you and your little slave husband! These large prints are spectacular, as are those mirrors behind your dining table.

Haley said...

Oh, how I love thee Marklee. And you too.

Sparks said...

Erica, please don't feel anything at all about not yet purchasing one of the prints. You mentioned that you felt bad. Dude, I can never fault someone for fiscal responsibility. Well done. Take your time. I don't plan on pulling them down from the store, so there is no hurry.

I'll see about amassing the photos that my fam has sent me and perhaps posting them to show how they look. If not that I'll at least email them to you.

rookie cookie said...

Don't trick me like that. With a title that says, "Inside the Delivery", I thought it was Violet's birth story.

Did I ever send you a picture of the proc?

rabidrunner said...

Those them there are fabian.

rabidrunner said...

YOU are fabian.

Kelsey Carreon said...

Megan, I have now paid off my car and to reward myself I am buying a proclamation! When you mentioned at church the framed version you put up I have to get on line to take a look. I have never been able to stand the ones I saw at Deseret, or Seagull. I am not into toll painting, or flowers. The only LDS artwork we have in our home is a painting of the Provo Temple where we were sealed, and even that was gift. I just think this artistic version is beautiful!

rebeckah said...

please please make the sonnetXVII into a poster for us to purchase-I so want to buy one