Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have never liked Relief Society. (For those of you not of my particular faith, Relief Society is what we Marmens call our older-than-18 chick group.) Never. I've always called it Group Therapy and have generally avoided it at all costs.


But it occurred to me today that after 10 years of being lumped into the Relief Society and my subsequent annoyance with a good portion of the female population of the Mormon church, I like my Relief Society.

My past R.S. experience has taught me that the third hour of church consistently consists of stupid answers to rehearsed questions and audience contributions that no one actually cares to listen to or finds themselves embarrassed by.

However, such is not the case in my ward.
The gals in our therapy hour aren't therapy-minded at all. They're scripturally versed, spiritually sound, seeking, thoughtful, outwardly focused, insightful, rather ennobling, contributory, and never, ever give the trite Sunday School Answers ("go to church!" "say your prayers!" "read your scriptures!")—don't get me wrong, these answers are tidy little packages of truth, but they're also big fat Duh! answers that annoy me with their lack of directed consideration. (I have a sweet and giving disposition.)

I taught R.S. today and sincerely hope that our girlies had as much fun as I did. Kid-you-not, I thought that third hour was a grand time. I like those ladies.


And for your enjoyment: a couple of not-so-much-Sunday-related thoughts:

• Tom Cruise has the very best freaked-out-for-my-life-gotta-get-away-fast! run in all of cinema. The way he pumps those arms and gets crazy eyes! Gee whiz. We'll discuss his hideous nose at some other time.

• Isn't Ang Lee is a marvelously diverse director? Taking Woodstock. Brokeback Mountain. Sense and Sensibility. Hulk. And he'll be doing Life of Pi. Best of luck with that one, movie-minded mister; better not screw it up.

The Mothman Prophecies is not an enjoyable film. Yet I watched it anyhow. I do that.

District 9 is too sad.


My25Cents said...

Can I move in with you? I only need a place from Saturday night until the end of the 3 hour meeting block -- it will only take me 1.2 seconds to change out of my heels and skirt and I'll be outta yer hair. I crave stimulating RS discussion!! --Haven't had it in years. YEARS!! you hear me? You forgot "Don't forget to fast!" or "ask for a blessing."
(Please, oh, please let's not start on Tom's nose. Turn away! shield the children!)

Hen Pecks said...

Sorry but MY Relief Society is the best. Nice try to one up.

~j. said...


Also, Life of Pi? How long do I have to wait for that one? Because I'll start camping out now.

Sparks said...

Ha. I surely like the image of someone camping out for Life of Pi.

Also, and this is terrible, but did we have some design work we needed to do. I seem to recall emailing you but I could be wrong. Oh gosh. Have I totally screwed up?

Megan and Keli'i said...

I teach Primary, so I never get to go to Relief Society. But boy oh boy would I LOVE to watch YOU teach. Yes, I would love it.

And I hated District 9. Too sad. And I watched Sense and Sensibility today and loved every minute. Good luck with Life of Pi. Don't know how he'll do that one.

~j. said...

No screw up -- I was just waiting for when you had some time. No big. I'll email you today.

Winder said...

Alas, I am not the only one who analyzes the way people run. It is often really hard for me to watch movies with actresses running. I want to scream technique tips to them.