Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was going through some files (when the content is heavy I sometimes type my notes during a meeting) from that recent 2 week training and came across a little something I thought you might enjoy:
I can’t believe that it’s only 9:15AM. I’ve been here for too long. I can’t actually remember how many days. Her mouth is moving but I’m not sure anything is coming out. What is that guy up there talking about? He moves his arms a lot. And he’s loud. But funny. I like him. And that other guy, he smiles too much. You can do that: smile too much. Haven’t we been answering the same question for thirty minutes now? And now the question stemming from the question that we’ve now been talking about for thirty five minutes. And then the follow up question. And the clarification. And then Minutiae Girl enters the conversation, bringing up the completely obsolete statistic that no doctor will ever bring up. But it will probably be on the test, so I should totally be listening right now. But I’ve been here for 11 days. Or 30. I don’t remember. I blacked out two days ago. These pumpkin seeds are disgusting. Why do I keep eating them? Our trainer is very pretty. And I want a jacket like hers with the ruffle. Gosh that’s cute. I wonder how much her Yorkie weighs. Soph is so fat. And what’s her Yorkie’s name? How is Soph going to slim down? We suck at walking her and she’s fat. We don’t over feed her and she’s fat.
All that and I still came home with more fluent product knowledge and improved selling skills. The female mind isn't kidding about that whole multi-tasking bit. All at the same time I can learn how to sell a new product, mentally put my dog on a diet, admire a lady's clothes, critique the meeting style, develop an opinion about two people at once, and eat pumpkin seeds I don't even like.

We women are tremendously productive.

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