Monday, August 3, 2009


I’m not afraid to admit that I like Star Trek. I’m a fan. I’m not a trekkie, but thanks to my mom, I’m into the original Star Trek movies, a bit of The Next Generation (aren't the tones in Patrick Stewart’s voice exquisite?), and the subsequent cinematic productions.

Thus, when the most recent addition to the franchise made its way to theaters, I was game to see it.

When it comes to movies’ release in the theater, the way things generally go down in our house is like this: I hear about a new production. I get excited to see it. I get busy. The movie comes out. The Husband asks me to go to said flicker show. I tell him I am too busy. He goes alone. A few weeks later I find myself less busy. He takes me to see the movie, experiencing it for the second time himself. This is our norm. And our norm applied to Star Trek. Mr. Spouse saw it, and, initially, I did not.

Why this is totally wrong: he’s not even a Star Trek fan. I am. Movie quotes in conversation and all. (“Double dumb ass on you!”)

When finally I did get to settle into the theater for this flick, I was enchanted. Yes, as a stand alone cinematic experience, the movie was good. For me, as a part of the Star Trek franchise it was great. I’ve told all who will listen that I damn near cried when Spock told the young Kirk that “[He has] been and always shall be [his] friend.” People! That’s what Spock said in Wrath of Kahn as he was dying! Little things like that helped my heart to race from scene to scene with the edge of glee of one who knows.

In addition to liking Star Trek I also like books on iPod, so when I discovered an item that melded the two, it took a single second and a single click for me to make it mine: Leonard Nimoy’s I Am Spock, the follow-up to his poorly received I Am Not Spock from the late 70s.

Unfortunately, all audible had to offer me was the abridged version. (I can’t stand abridged versions as a general rule, but I gave in for a taste of Nimoy as himself.) The listen didn’t disappoint. I had the privilege of driving around Reno, zipping from one medical building to another, to the tales of one man and his time in the ears of a Vulcan. When the book ended, I found myself wishing for more.

Which makes things a crying shame that I’ll have to wait until mid November for the DVD release of Star Trek: The Future Begins. In the meantime I guess I'll just have to have George and Gracie keep me company.


Sue said...

"I have been and always shall be your [mother]."

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

Two phrases I feel this day.

Anonymous said...

The new Star Trek took me over the edge in sci-fi nerd-dom. I have always walked the line, fairly closely to being a total and utter nerd, but have been hesitant in letting myself watch anything science fiction related. Then I watched this. Then I watched Heroes. I have taken the leap into nerddom and will not come back. I have threatened to go to Comic-con. In costume.

I have a wicked crush on Spock/Sylar (real name Zachary Quinto, but I don't have a crush on him, just those characters...)

I guess I just outed myself.

rabidrunner said...

So, did you know that the Lost people (J.J. Abrams et al and writer Damon Lindelof who, incidentally I'd leave Spouse for tomorrow) produced this movie? That's why it is so great. Also, the Great and Talented Michael Giacchino was the music master. My heart sings for the movie. And I have a weird freaky crush on young Spock. (You should note that I'm not now or ever was a "true" Trek fan.)