Monday, August 17, 2009

'DO I?

You've been dying to know, haven't you? You haven't been able to sleep because you've been wondering how I like my new haircut, haven't you?

Benevolently, I'm going to grant you some shut-eye and tell you . . .

I hate it.

Don't get me wrong, I think my sister did a nice job of implementing the cut; I just don't think it suits me. At all.

It's been, what?--like three weeks or something since I left lunch with Rabid to sit in Cat's chair and tell her to go for it? And still--even after three weeks--each time I look in a mirror (which has become less and less since said fateful day), I mumble curse words, shake my head, spend 15 minutes trying to fix it into something I can stomach, or just quickly look away.

So it would make sense that I get to growing it out now, right? Yes, that would make sense. Is that what I plan to do? No. I'm the self-flagellating kind. I figure that since I made the choice to mess up my head, if there's any chance I might, I need to try to learn to like it.

I'm self-aware enough to know that I deal badly with change, even when self-implemented, and so there is a chance that somewhere down the road I might end up liking the shorter 'do. (I just said "self" three times in short succession--never a good sign.) And I'm going to stick around and wait for that day.

Thus, when we head to Utah for Addison's blessing in early September, I'm going to make an appointment to sit again with Caitlyn and ask her to color, trim and reshape the cut I currently have, maybe having her tighten up the back a bit.

If nothing else, I seem to like the idea of punishing myself for making a rash decision.


Megan and Keli'i said...

I love it. I wish I had the guts. I fear my hair will never change now. I cut it when I was a sophomore...looked like a boy, never since have had it short, and don't think the husband will ever let me have it like that either. Good job getting your brave on.

rabidrunner said...

I told you it makes your eyes look giant. It does! Or maybe it's just that snazzy "big-eye" button on your mac.

Shelby Lou said...

i cut my hair like yours... i hated it. then i really really loved it. now... umm it gets greasy really fast and.... i kind of love/hate it.

your sister is BOMB tho

Unknown said...

As someone who has had a pixie cut many times, I can tell you that the right pixie shape makes all the difference. You definitely have the face for it! And seeing your darling cut almost had me running for the salon again to crop it off. But if it's a tad too long, it looks floppy. Too short and I feel severe. So there is a delicate balance finding the right pixie shape. And a stellar color job always seals the deal. So fingers crossed that you can find some pixie peace! :)