Monday, March 23, 2009


Here, let this invite vomit: When someone's sick, I can smell the infection.

And when its me that's sick, it's a smell I can't run away from.

(I can also smell fear.)

When I'm moaning about the odor of the infection, The Husband says he can't smell a thing.

So should I question the sanity of my olfactory senses? Nope; my spouse wasn't blessed with a sense of smell worthy of renting out. I was.

However, he wouldn't call it blessed, for if he's consumed anything marred with a tinge garlic, for a week afterward I can smell him from down the block, and I'm no fan of garlic. So the kvetching begins.

Also something you can't run away from.


And to you darling creatures who emailed, thanks so much for the well-wishing. I wasn't rehearsing my death-bed scene, just quite dizzy with some respiratory nonsense.


Unknown said...

glad to have you back!

[Morgan] said...

oh man.
i have a SUPER nose too. i totally feel you.
i used to think it was a blessing.
now, with two kids it's a total curse.
i smell EVERYTHING. i'm a freak about kid smells. it drives my husband bananas.

i think i can smell your sick virus from here:)

glad you are back down from the clouds.

The Chad said...

Megan...tell Mark I need to talk to him. Chad wants a gun, and knows that Mark knows his way around.

Cunning said...

#1. I can smell a skunk 300 miles away- and it will make me gag- my sense of smell is my greatest talent.

#2. I also hate garlic- unless it's in mashed potatoes at Goodwood

#3. I did Yoga tonight all in an effort to be just like you