Thursday, January 8, 2009


You're a Mormon? No way!

Uh-oh, you and every other Mormon reading this just thought (or mumbled), Your shiny little Jesus star is tarnished, and no one out there can tell that you're one of His. 

Most people would feel so ashamed if their declaration that they are LDS (which always has to be clarified with, "LDS means 'Mormon'") was met with skepticism. I feel differently.

It's certainly not that I'm ashamed to be a Mormon; 'cause tell you what, if I were bummed about being a Mormon, I'd drop the scriptures, stop the prayers, boycott Gospel Doctrine, give booze a try (but only a little; Hello! Liquid calories!), and handle every single one of my errands on the Sabbath. I got my agency, yo.

Rather, I'm quite pleased when people don't classify me as Mormon right off the proverbial bat because when they do find out what I am, it changes their perception of Latter Day Saints. In a good way.

"But you're not boring!"

Aha! Mormons aren't (don't have to be) boring. We can laugh. We can joke. We can be freaking awesome. Sweet, eh?

"But you dress so cool." (Why, thank you!)

Nope. We Mormon folk don't have shuffle around clad long sleeves and drab dresses dragging on the floor. Sweet leather boots? Right on. A short-sleeved sweater? Duh. A sequined skirt? (Which sadly, I do not own.) You betcha! We can be regular [modest] fashion mavens!

"But you don't have any kids!"

Not as yet, mister. Who knows about the future? Today I say 'No Way!' But things can and do change. But I'm pretty darned sure that I'm not going to Hell for being a 26-year-old Mormon chiquita sans offspring. Later.

When my associates (I say that and sound so important, don't I?) out here in the State of Sin discover I'm one 'a them Marmens and are a bit surprised, I'm glad, not shamefaced. The conversation that ensues always leaves my compadre with an altered [positive] perception of LDSers.

See, so very often our many siblings of Planet Earth are turned off by the mere mention of "Mormons" because of the rampant misconceptions. (This is the part where I totally ignore the polygamy debacles.) Folks are under the impression that being Mormon means you're doomed to a boring, restricted life. But when they encounter someone who most certainly doesn't fit the blase image in their narrow little minds, they generally reconsider their earlier ideas of this Peculiar People.

They reconsider and clamp a hand over their mouths, Ohmygosh! Have I ever said anything offensive around you?


rabidrunner said...

... and then their second thought ... Is Harry Reid in your ward?

Get it? You can't say Nevada Mormon without saying Harry Reid. At least I can't. Just like you can't say liquor without saying calories (and I thought I was the only one to give up/not use booze because of the calories!)

Great post. This one stands out considerably (not that your others don't, but you get my drift, right?)

Marie Stott said...

I love it Megan. It gives me hope for those who have the mindset that we all fit a mold. I love that people like you are out and about to open others eyes that we can be a "Freakin cool people."

heatherh said...

Love that post! Speaks to how I feel about myself..mind if i borrow it for my blog of only a handful of family (bribed) readers? H

heatherh said...

btw, my to respond to my

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

great post, thanks for reminding me we don't have to be boring. sometimes it's just easier that way. happy sabbatical

desert dispatches said...

I was watching Take Home Chef (I hope you are familiar with it, or this will not make sense...)the other day and the lucky lady was a Mormon. She was the most boring lady I have ever seen Curtis Stone cook for. I thought to myself...why are so many Mormons so darn stuffy? Why did Curtis have to pick such a dullard? Nice be sure, but so plain. Anyway, I am 35 and just had my first kid. Believe me, when and if you have one, you will turn into a mommy. It's sick, but it happens...I used to be a super fun pole dance instructor/chemist. Now I blog (or want to blog) about my kid. oh, and I am Mormon, too.

desert dispatches said...

35 is a great age to have a kid! I like your blog..will keep reading! And if you are ever in Anchorage, let me know...I'll teach you some great pole tricks! Also, I love Ashtanga Yoga--used it to warm up for class...wish i could have known girls like you when I was in merry miss( do they even still call it that? should I say..Young Womens) I might not have felt so out of place...tee-hee)

NG said...

Thanks for giving voice to something I've dealt with my entire life... and only learned in the past several years.

Anonymous said...

i totally wrote this post in my head and you went in there (scary) and stole it!!!

i came from cjane, and am so glad i did,

thanks for being awesome:)

Amanda said...

another cjane convert here.

EVERY time a professor in one of my classes (i'm in england mind you) mentions or asks the class to name a group, in the UK or in the US, who are religious, cloistered, afraid to speak to outsiders, uneducated, afraid of modern technology etc (you get the drift)...
the FIRST name ANYONE says is MORMON (at times my professors have agreed..where do they get this stuff?)

after which, I LOVE to quietly announce my own very active MORMONESS and witness the *gasps!*and disbelief that follows.

Natalie said...

Hallelujah Amen. I was an under-the-radar Mo at my place of business for two. whole. years. Nothing give me more prouder feelings than that. Cause now that everyone knows all we talk about is that I'm Mormon, and where's the fun in that?? p.s. you are cute.

Lynley said...

Love it! When I lived out-of-state I loved showing people how cool Mormons can be (because I'm cool darn it!).