Thursday, December 18, 2008


They support. They support their friends, their family. They do it whole-heartedly. And they do it without judgment.

My mom has taught me many a thing, and when one crosses my mind, I often use a day to share it with you people. Today is one of those days.

Through example and direction, my mom has taught me that when someone in your family--a daughter, a son, a brother or sister--chooses someone to marry, you hop on board support them. It makes life for your family member easier; and why wouldn't you want to help do that?

Try and talk someone in love out of loving the object of their desire. Go ahead. You'll look like a moron. It's futile, fruitless, and often quite stupid. So you do the opposite. Who cares if you don't like them? Not your business. Your business is to be of use. To help your family member make the most of out their chosen relationship. This is true in all relationships, but especially with a temple marriage.

There are few things Old Scratch finds more delightful and entertaining than destroying a temple marriage. He especially likes it when its under the auspices of "better" things outside the marriage; oh, and it's better then Christmas when he tricks some loser into abandoning their temple marriage out of self preservation when there is no abuse or infidelity. And I'm not stupid, I know abuse comes in many forms and the word has many interpretations, literal and loose, but let's use common sense here and not define the word too selfishly or without using our brains.

Thus, those who don't support their family in their selected spouse, especially when that spouse is bound through sacred covenant, are partners of Satan and imps in their own right. And if they are deluded enough to think that they have received inspiration to bust up a sealed couple, they are listening to the wrong spirits, aren't they?