Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I drink a ton of tea. (I sure do like the sound of that: TonofTea, TonofTea, TonofTea . . . ) In the morning with toast. Iced at lunch. Home from work. Home from yoga. Before bed. One tea bag after another gets dipped and ditched. Bag after bag. Cup after cup.

Oh, calm down. It's all the herbal stuff. (And I am exaggerating on how much I drink. Sort of.)
There's something restorative in steeped and scented liquid falling down the throat to greet the gut with warmth.

When I was small and sleepovers at Grandma Sally's were my weekend excitement, we woke in the morning to Eggo waffles beneath Karo syrup and a not-too-hot mug of hot chocolate. Often, she asked the same question. I sipped the cocoa, and she'd inquire, "Does you tummy feel happy?"

Sho 'nuff. It did. It was blessed with warmth. And happy.

Now, when it's winter and my tea isn't iced, I have a perpetually happy tummy. And sometimes when the first sip slips its way down, I remember that happiness comes from within.


Just Sue said...

I feel the warmth! What a GREAT post. I can just feel it! Hey, could it be that I was drinking tea yesterday (yeh, the herbal stuff).

By-the-by...I miss you and the Mark.

I also like the 'dipped and ditched' and 'greet the gut'. Love alliteration!!!

cat+tadd=sam said...

Hey dude, I just had a thought. Can I have a hairoin button? Maybe I can spread the love with that? Sorry to be all copy-CAT of you and Whit...