Monday, November 10, 2008


When the 80 minute class was through, she told me that I could take Mysore!

Elation bubbled up from my little spring of a soul. She told me I was ready for Mysore.

(Mysore is a group practice, students flowing through the primary and secondary series at their own pace. It is not lead by a teacher, but there is a teacher available to remind you what posture comes next or spot you where needed.)

Now, when out of town, I practice in my hotel room and when I need to I can put together a decent home practice. I know the poses and can create my own flow, but the concept of a group practice with a set series of postures, where I am my teacher is scary to me. What if I forget what comes next? What if I fall loudly? (Don’t get me wrong, I love to fall out of a pose. I mean really love it. I just don’t love to fall with a bang. That’s embarrassing.)

So. in addition to practicing at my regular studio, I’ll add some classes at the Ashtanga studio. I’m ready for it.

And it will take a few more classes with her before my confidence is such that I’ll get the gumption for Mysore, but it’s on my path.

• • •

Oh, and thanks to my enthusiastic forward bends, I couldn’t walk comfortably for the three days.

Shoulda’ listened to the voice of experience and expertise.


bird on the lawn said...

ah i love the illustration!

sfauthor said...

Exuberant posting! Do you know about these yoga books?