Friday, October 31, 2008


Yes, it’s a seven part post on yoga. And merely enduring and certainly not relishing my continual yoga references, you’re thinking, You’ve got to be kidding me! Bo-o-oring!

But not to me.
And this so happens to be my blog. And I love yoga. Some of the photos included you’ve seen before; but that was back when I was under the [incorrect] assumption they were decently formed.

My yoga practice truly has taught me so much about life. And I can sum it up in tasty, trite tidbits: Honor your body. Take your practice off the mat. Remember and respect the difference between “could” versus “should.” Don’t compete with yourself. Where you are today could be different from where you were last week or will be tomorrow. Respect the path. Breathe.

I broke up the post because it just kept getting longer and longer as I wrote it. So read if you like (who knows? you might expand the base of your trove of
Totally Useless Knowledge), skip if you prefer, but this space is my blog. My web log. My journal of sorts. And so I feel compelled to record my life—such as it is . . .

When we first arrived in Reno, during my frantic Where to Practice? search, I took a class from Her.

A really, really, really, really hard class. The class was labeled Power Yoga on the schedule, but 35 minutes into the 75 minute class I was miffed, thinking it should have been labeled Extreme Yoga. At least then I would have been prepared for the intensity. I’ve been taking Power for years; and this wasn’t Power.

That blasted teacher wouldn’t lay off me. Rolling my shoulders in Down Dog, flipping my hands in Vira III, shifting my hips in Pyramid, and while she did it all, the rest of the class waited, holding the pose she was guiding me into. And when we visited the pose again, there she was once more, grasping my shoulder muscles and manually rolling them outward. Picky, picky.

When you’re the one being adjusted and you see your comrades quivering as they cling to their current posture, you think, Hurry it up, would you? Not for my sake; for theirs!

I’ve learned since then. I’ve learned that that particular studio is very strict Ashtanga. It’s K. Pattabhi Jois’ way or the highway.

Having a sense for the rigidity they practice there would have been nice before coming.

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