Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A baby blessing in church.

Relatives came from Utah. They came from North Carolina. Some came from Toronto too.

The star of the show, the bald, bawling baby wore a long, white flowing dress, a dress that draped over the mother's arm and reached down to her mid thigh. Tatted. Something like an heirloom. But the baby was wailing like its outfit had been pulled from the nearest dumpster, was rubbed with rotting vegetables, and was eight sizes too small.

When lifted from the mother, the dress draping long across her lap and into the father's arms, the infant's screaming didn't stop. It didn't stop down the aisle to the waiting microphone. It didn't stop as the circle of men began their bouncing.

And then it became apparent as to why the baby in the beautiful dress was yelling at the top of its newborn lungs.

" . . . and the name by which this infant shall be known on the records of the Church is Nicholas David Lockhart . . . "

• • •

Oh, and dearest Megs, though I may be brash, often offensive, and most generally bold whenever I like and about whatever I like on this here blog, when it comes to brazenly taking my, er, “graphic design” seriously, I’m quite bashful. Just ask beautiful, bursting Bird Thalman.

About the “art,” this out-of-character timidity is a thing the Bird says I simply must overcome. Is she right? I’m never sure. But she’s certainly more hep to all things cool than I am. Perhaps I ought listen . . .


rabidrunner said...

Set up for a whole lifetime of cross-dressing, perhaps?

Jaime Stephens said...

oh wow..bless her?? heart

Megs said...

poor poor nicholas.

and you're way cooler than you think.

cat+tadd said...

They sooo badly wanted a girl.

Andrea said...

Now that will scar a child for life! what am I...boy/girl???

Morgan said...

your graphic design is nothing to be bashful about... did that come out right? and yes, always listen to the bird.