Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was rummaging around my blog archives for some bit or another. (I came across a really cute picture of my husband, so I'm glad I was engaged in the endeavor. We're not really photo people, so there are very few photos of him and little to none of the two of us; I have a hard time mustering the confidence it takes to shove myself in front of a camera for the sake of the photo itself. However, if I ever do end up with offspring, I have a feeling I might regret the lack of photography when some mini-me asks, did they even have cameras when you were younger?)

Anyhow back to the subject at hand . . . When rummaging in my blog and I cam across this post. I was struck by my habitual self. In the post I mentioned that I read The Fountainhead about annually. I get a hankerin' and I give in. I said this last October. We're in October now. And I just finished The Fountainhead again. Moving on to Atlas Shrugged. Just like last year. Ayn in October or October: the month of Objectivism.

And it wasn't even intentional.

I'm Me without even trying to be.

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[Morgan] said...

now that's a true 'create of habit'
how funny.