Friday, September 26, 2008


I’ve recently had the pleasure to learn the essentials regarding filing a restraining order in Nevada. And because we are an online community of education and edification (we are, aren’t we?), I thought I’d do my duty and share what I’ve learned.

Nevada's Need-to-knows:

• In Nevada, Orders of Protection (what “restraining orders” are actually called, legally speaking) can only be filed by former/current spouses, live-in or former live-in partners (or someone the person is dating), a blood relative, or person related by marriage. It is sometimes allowed, often in the case of stalking, for unrelated, unaffiliated persons to file an order against another party.

There are three different kinds of Orders of Protection. First: an emergency protection order, which must be obtained within 12 hours of the order’s inducing incident(s). Second: A Temporary Order of Protection. This one covers up to 30 days and must be filed within 24 hours. Third: an Extended Order of Protection. As its name implies, this one lasts longer than the first two.

• There are no fees for filing an Order of Protection in the state of Nevada.

Call yourself further educated.

You’re welcome.