Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Many of the OB/GYN offices I have responsibility for paper their walls in birth announcements, baby photos, thank-you notes to the physician/staff, Christmas cards, and snapshots of the doc and the new mother post-delivery.

Offices that engage in this are a boon to drug reps. We wait. It’s what we do. And while waiting, the photos and notes can serve as distraction, aiding in ignoring the throbbing that inevitably results from standing in 4 inch heels for 35 minutes while the practitioner finishes up a pap, placing an IUD or whatever other form of female torture he’s currently engaged in.

Today, while I waited for Dr. Martin (not his real name; I take great joy playing God on my blog, giving real people pretend names), I read a note unlike any other I’d previously perused. And while I stood, I took the opportunity to transcribe it . . . for you. (I think of you during my day.)

Time and again, the nicest surprises are people and the integrity life can’t quite beat out of them.

Dear Dr. Martin,

Please find the enclosed check for $425 for you.

In 1972 you delivered my daughter Nathalie Ballint at St. Mary’s hospital. At the time my husband, Ron Ballint, and I were totally broke. We were grateful that you took me as a patient seeking natural childbirth and allowed our child to be born alert, healthy and very beautiful.

We were billed $400 by your partnership which we never paid. The bill was sent into collections and we paid a bit of it. But I always wanted to make it up to you and you group.

Recently Catherine made me a grandmother, and it renewed my desire to pay you. I recently received a windfall and realized that it was the key to paying you for one of the most joyful moments of my life. I tracked you down on the Internet and hope this finds you well.


Sue Ann Roux


[Morgan] said...

wow for that mother.
and wow at the cost of giving birth 36 years ago.

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Things like that give me warm fuzzies and the hope that one day, maybe, people will stop acting like jerks.
P.s. Sorry someone's picking on you through blog stalking. That is no fun. Jerks.

Jaime Stephens said...

wow that is quite the story quite funny too. Bless her heart ah...

Lindsay said...

I love it when my faith in good people in this world is renewed!