Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Pet peeves are a thing. You have them. I have them. She has them. So does he.

When asked, I can never seem to remember what mine are. But I recalled one today, and it really gets my goat.

Ks for Cs.

For example: Kat's Koffee. Kreative Kim. Krazy Kittens. And on.

It's juvenile. Once you've outgrown that powdered drink mix requiring an entire cup of sugar to make it nearly palatable, I'm of the opinion you should turn up your nose at puerile spelling exchanges.

This very vexation incited me to redo my route to work; for passing Kat's Koffee every morning was inducing unnecessary ire. I'd get in the car with my fruit, string cheese, and bottle of water, turn on my book of the day, drive out of our community, all the while enjoying the peace of solitude before putting on my show for work. Then I'd drive past Kat's Koffee. And boy, oh boy, there it went; there went my A.M. serenity. Gone. In a flash.

I consider myself a very responsible being for taking charge and altering my habits to avoid sucking the venom off of my fangs before entering my doctors' offices every morning.

Another letter grievance: Zs to replace the letter S.

That one makes me flex my neck muscled to the point of pain. No examples necessary. You know what I mean. I mean, of course you do! It's you, after all.

And mom, I've really been thinking about it; the X in place of "cks" doesn't bother me. I suppose spending my youth being ferried around in van with a license plate reading SixChix helped foster acceptance for such a substitution.


rabidrunner said...

I'll succumb to X's being okay for cks's but in my uh hum.... humble opionion... they're not okay to replace the KS or the the holy reference to Christ. As in "thanx" or "Xmas".

I'm done now. Thanks for the therapy.

Mal Robin said...

Yeah, I know what you mean its Krazy stupid. So many idiotz think its Kool.

[Morgan] said...

I'm with you. Can't tell you all of the suggestions I received when trying to think of a name for the preschool. Kids Kottage, Kids Kollege, Kreative Kids... I'm just not down.

cat+tadd=sam said...

That last one better not bother you, otherwise you'd be spelling my name as Caitlyn Cocks. Unacceptable.

cat+tadd=sam said...

And Mallory, you rock.