Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Certain things just aren't done.

• Rushing into a doc's office to beat another drug rep you spied in the parking lot.
• Telling someone just how fat they look in that dress.
• Opening up a box of one dozen donuts you've purchased for an doctor's office and snagging one before giving it to them.
• Responding with "Bummer" when someone tells you they're finally! pregnant.
• Moving another drug rep's samples in the sample closet.
• Insulting someone's dead and beloved dog, bless her soul.
• Tasting a friend's "famous" homemade pie and spitting it out in front of her.
• Telling a new mother that her little one isn't one of those too-cute-for-his-boots babies.
• Walking across someone else's yoga mat.
• Walking across someone else's yoga mat.
• Walking across someone else's yoga mat.

• Walking across Megan's mat before class starts.

This evening, before everyone settled in for a serious sweatfest (I'm happiest when I get my hair to dripping), not one, but two girls tromped their pedicured tooties across my mat.

The first girl, she coursed over it like my mat was a part of the worn wooden floor beneath. If a heart could literally stop for a moment, mine would have. Rude. No apology. Not a glance my direction. No gift of baked goods with which to beg forgiveness. Just padded over it and on to her corner of the room. I wish I could have stopped it, but my jaw dropped. (She didn't catch it though; her unapologetic back was to me.)

That's just not done.

The second offender apologized. I issued her a tight smile that I hope looked friendlier than I felt. My heart thudded fast and loud; she probably heard it. I seethed for the first five minutes of class, unable to just let go and focus on my Ujjayi breath . She stepped on my sacred space. My practice place. The only place where I feel admiration for my body. The little bit of yoga I always keep in the back of my car.

That's just not done.

It's as if those two girls just bit into one of my stuffed mushrooms and spat it out right there in front of me, gifted me a dozen donuts, minus one, and followed that up with the confession that I actually do look fat in that dress.

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