Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I require substantiation. I require evidence. Give me a so-called fact and I’m going to want to know where you got it and if the source is credible. I don’t just believe things ‘cause someone says so.

In a similar fashion, I don’t just like people cause others do. They have to, in effect, earn my affection (not they need be out to do so, but I’d hope you’d get my meaning). A Young Women’s leader once commented, In order to get to know Megan you have to jump over the wall. Once you’re in, you’re in, but before that, you’re an outsider looking in. She was right.

I realize that it would be all sorts of charming if I were more warm and welcoming, but I’m not, and let’s say I’m trying to be better but that for now, I’m a cold-hearted beast that many are intimidated by and some find off-putting.

With that as my preamble, I’d like to announce that I like Jonathan Judd. He’s netted my affection. (Jon’s the lucky young man that married my sister, Haley, two weeks ago.)

I often extol the many wonders of my five little sisters, but don’t often mention that three of them are married. Ethan belongs to Whitney. Tadd belongs to Cat. Jon belongs to Haley. I’ve become terribly fond of Ethan and Tadd, but haven't had the opportunity to get to know Jon all that well. Over the years I've learned that Ethan is the funniest person I know (except for his wife . . . Cheers, Ethan). Damned hilarious. And then there’s the cooking thing. I've come to see that Tadd is sublimely caring and a delightful host with a lovely streak of humility. My sisters are fortunate to have them.

All I've know about Jon until just recently is that my family likes him and he's photogenic.

Last night, on their way to San Jose for the summer, Jon and Haley did what many do, they used our house, just 20 minutes off I-80, as a one-night pit stop. I’m so glad they did.

Over pizza and a community Diet Coke, I had an opportunity to be entertained by Jon’s unique wit and learn little bits about him.
Everyone likes a funny guy, but beyond that I liked watching how Jon makes my Haley laugh. That's what's she's always wanted: a funny other half; and nice for her, but I'm happy that I can like him as well. Not just because she does, but because I've decided that I do for myself.

I’m sold.

So come back any time, you two. Enjoy our guest room. Sit on our fifteen-seater couch. And let's play more question games, shall we?


whitneyingram said...

I am jealous. I have always wanted to be in on a community diet coke with Jon and Haley.

I am glad you guys had a peach of a time. I am also jealous because I can't do anything fun or go anywhere fun because I am as big as a house. Bummer.

Someone come visit me please... sniff, sniff...

Sue said...

You know I'm coming.

cat+tadd=sam said...

Oh my gosh, I just noticed Mom's pic next to her comments. She's holding a plant. Help her, someone.

Also, besides being birthed into your family, tell me how I got "in".