Monday, May 19, 2008


The mirrored wall reflects 15 pliable women unrolling mulit-colored sticky mats.

Reverent conversation floats overhead.

The girl who drives a grey Honda Civic and I know to be called Kami lays her mat next to mine.

How was you weekend? Did you enjoy the weather? She queries.
Sure did. Did you go camping? (I remember that she's mentioned she and her spouse enjoy the great outdoos. Weirdos.)
No. I had a project I was working on for my parent’s 45th anniversary that was in September. So I’m a little behind.
Sure are!

Our goddess teacher stands near the stereo at the front of the room. The chatter lulls.
She asks, Any requests?
Hip openers
, the lithe Filipino girl says.
Shoulders, our Wednesday teacher calls out.
Breathing? Kami suggests.

I raise an eyebrow in Kami's direction (or I would have if I could raise just one eyebrow at a time), Isn’t breathing kind of included in class?
Yeah, but sometimes I forget about the deep part of pranayama.

I get it. Me too—depending on what kind of a day it’s been.
. . . If it’s been a hard day at work.

. . . If I’m feeling especially homicidal.

Our goddess teacher overhears and interjects, Homicidal?

Yup. I was thinking very seriously of using my car as a weapon today. Megan, you dummy, if you want people to like you, you should probably keep your mouth shut when you're feeling especially psycho.

Have you considered driving meditation? It can be really helpful, the goddess teacher says.

Huh. That’s a great idea—close my eyes and practice deep breathing while going 70 on the 395.

I’ll try that tomorrow.



Andrea said...

I think that you are a psycho for doing yoga!

rabidrunner said...

How does one learn to like yoga? I've been giving it a "stab" lately since I've read countless times that yoga is great for runners.

Honestly, yoga has a tendency to make me homicidal. Either that or I stare at the clock and pray for it to be over.

It just hurts so bad!

(Should yoga be capitalized