Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A few days a week (on the days when I don’t have other commitments) I get to experience lunchtime bliss. I wrap myself in the warmth of anonymity and trudge into our Wild Oats—soon to be Whole Foods (one of the things I mourned leaving behind in Las Vegas, and now it’s coming to me in Reno!). I visit their little salad bar or bistro fill my plate with wonderful bites like fist-sized strawberries, fresh mozzarella balls, marinated mushrooms, and roasted garbanzo beans. I grab a bottle of my latest love, peach-flavored VitaminWater (not the one labeled “endurance” but the one with a hint of peach essence), whatever yoga magazine or issue of Real Simple I’ve jammed in my bag that morning, and figuratively curl up at one of the café tables to enjoy the fresh food, give my vocal chords a rest, and read about how I can deepen my yoga practice.

I love basking in the sounds of bustling around me and not being a part of that hustle. I love enjoying a bunch of vegetables and alternative proteins that taste terrific without dressing—thank you very much. I love the time I get to spend not working; it makes me more ready to get back to it after the lunch hour.

My bit of bliss at midday.


Mal Robin said...

I LOVE WILD OATS! Best salad possibilities ever!

Megan said...

If you think Wild Oats is good, find yourself a Whole Foods. It's like going from a nice pair of Nine West kicks to a pair of Jimmy Choos.