Monday, February 4, 2008


Perhaps my frequent road trips are trying to tell me something: life is like a road trip. A complex metaphor—I know—I know. But truly, you go through life, bumping along on whatever road you’ve chosen and you see things along the way. Metaphor working for you so far? No one person’s life is exactly like another, like no one person experiences a road trip just like someone else would. (Yes, in fact, dear friend, those are the brand of thoughts that stumble and trip through my noggin while I maneuver through essentially uninhabited towns and tune out whatever espionage novel I’m listening to—so that I later have to bump The Pod back so I can re-listen to what I tuned out in order to find out what today’s spy was up to.)

So one of my recent road trips was from Reno to Las Vegas through little towns like Tonopah and Goldfield. Goldfield boasts some oddities I’ve not seen elsewhere: these decorated vehicles displayed as a sort of attraction. Because you will never, ever drive through that sorry little town yourself, I thought I'd share these garbage autos with you via blog. Enjoy.


cat+tadd=sam said...

Did you see any For Sale signs on these treasures!?

Mal Robin said...

shoot i feel like i just walked onto the set for the animated movie Cars. I loved it.

Sue said...

It looks like and I Spy Book