Thursday, February 7, 2008


I was reading the trade publication Pharmaceutical Representative and ran across this little tidbit in their “Openers” section.

The Benefits of Missing Meals

Fasting may reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, according to an epidemiological study presented at the American Heart Association’s scientific sessions. Using data on 4,629 male and female participants in the Intermountain Heart Collaborative Study (average age 64), researchers determined that only 61% of individuals who identified themselves as Mormons had coronary artery disease, compared with 66% of those who did not. The reduced risk for people in this religious group remained even after the researchers adjusted for smoking habits, so they conducted a 515-patient survey examining the relationship between coronary artery disease and other practices associated with Mormonism, included fasting for two consecutive meals, not drinking tea, coffee or alcohol. Coronary angiography revealed coronary artery disease in 59% of participants who said they fasted, compared with 67% of those who did not. “One of the major problems in the development of the metabolic syndrome and the pathway to diabetes is that the insulin-producing beta cells become desensitized,” said study author Benjamin Horne. “Routine fasting may allow them to resensitize—to reset to a baseline level so they work better.”

Now if we could just get more Mormons to eat healthier when they’re not fasting, perhaps we could take that 59% down a few percentage points. Down with sour cream in casseroles! Use less cheese! Not every meal needs meat as the main dish! Dessert is not absolutely essential after every meal!


M to the E to the R to the I said...

Hmmm... if it's 1pm church, ouch, it can be painful. 9 am church, bring it on. I know what you mean though, about us "Mermens" with the fat and crap. Where is the hidden rule about "The more sour cream or cream cheese, the better"? I must have missed that memo. Thank goodness. You will die about this though. In my old ghetto ward, on of the RS "tips of the week" was to "Sprinkle Jell-O powder on your cream cheese when you eat toast or a bagel, it adds that extra zest you want!" What the? Why didn't they write "If you want to be obese and miserable, keep it up ladies, your in the right track". I tell you, I almost died.

whitneyingram said...

In Ethan's family cookbook, it is hard not to find a recipe that doesn't call for a can of cream of something soup. Gross. It really is a problem with LDS people. Here is another thought. Are morbidly obese members temple worthy?