Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am converted, committed, and ought to be committed to an institution of sorts for this, my love of blogs. Coworker asks: so what do you do after work? Me, answering: oh, yoga. Coworker follows up: and then? Me, answering: uhm, work? I don’t tell him about my secret, devilish pastime to relax by: blog reading.

I am a cultivated hater of humanity, but spying via blog has helped me to change my view of folks a bit, for through reading people’s thoughts—badly punctuated or otherwise (less often the latter)—I see that—and you’ll have to pardon the trite nature of what I’m about to say—people have bunches of beauty inside.

My thoughts and expression of them are not poetic or intellectual, but after reading up on the many blogs that I do, I believe that those of my fellow humans often are—they think and write about things of inherent, simple beauty—things that I cannot now be specific about, for then you may figure out whose prose I use to unwind after a day, and that is still a private matter. It’s a sad, sick state I find myself in: one of reading about, not talking to, my planet’s cohabitants, but if this reading on the sly helps me to smile about the existence of another, I believe it’s bearable and less embarrassing than outwardly may seem.

These, my fellow Earthlings, they love the smell of dryer sheets; they truly do find beauty in blades of grass and babies bathing; they have mothers they desire to emulate and never thought they would and fathers they want their husbands to aspire to. These, the blog contributors I appreciate, share recipes for things I’ll never make, give tips regarding children I don’t have, and experience struggles I pray to never have to endure. I believe they use their blogs as outlets, and I’m grateful for what they let out there. They humble me. They sometimes make me want to be and do better, to find more things to be proud of in my little life. They had a year last year of new babies, marriages, asana, pedicures, and projects. They travel some and love food. They are amateur photographers and their families think they’re talented. They have love in their lives and happiness in heaping teaspoons. Some are my friends and I smile wider when it’s them I see sprawled in fall leaves. Some I don’t know, but they give me presents just the same: the chance to see their joy in little letters lined across my browser and smiles and desserts punctuated with memories and ideas for tomorrow. To you who blog: thanks.


M to the E to the R to the I said...

You are taking of Nie Nie- Stephanie Neilson right? I know you are. That woman packs me with inspiration. If only it lasted long enough for me to do something about, haha. And I'll bet I am the blog with all punctuation errors 'eh? I know that too. Well Megan, your blog is equally as delicious and you contribute more than you know.

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Pardon my spelling errors in that comment. Too late to fix them now. Darn.